You will surely be hungry after a long day hiking in the famous city of Las Vegas, and here comes the role of the Arab Travelers website, which will introduce you to the best restaurants in Las Vegas.

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Learn about the best Las Vegas restaurants:

1. Bandito Latin Kitchen & Cantina:

Address: 325Hughes Center Dr Ste 100The best restaurants in Las Vegas Bandito Latin Kitchen & Cantina The owner of this restaurant is called “Kent Harman”. This restaurant features Latin American-inspired food with a strong focus on Mexico, in addition to focusing on great cocktails. The dishes served there include: (fried octopus with green onions, red pepper, banditu sauce, shrimp with jalapeno peppers, pickled onions, and grilled vegetables). Tortilla bread and all kinds of sauce and sauce are prepared daily, and that is until served Fresh. Read also: The most popular tourist place in Las Vegas

2. The Black Sheep Restaurant:

Address: 8680W Warm Springs RoadThe best restaurants in Las Vegas
The Black Sheep Restaurant This restaurant features Vietnamese-American cuisine made from local ingredients. This restaurant is open daily and working hours start from 5 in the morning until 11 in the evening. The dishes served there include: (shrimp salad, salmon, sausage, shrimp, pickles, oysters, and octopus).

3. Blue Ribbon Restaurant:

Address: 3708 Las Vegas Blvd SThe best restaurants in Las Vegas Blue Ribbon Restaurant The owners of this restaurant are the brothers “Bruce Bromberg” and “Eric Bromberg”, and the establishment of this restaurant was based on their vision of the American cuisine that they transferred to the “Blue Ribbon” restaurant, and this restaurant definitely deserves to be one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas. This restaurant is famous for offering: (oysters, fried chicken, cheese fondue, and shrimp), as well as many new innovations. Also read: Your guide to the best outlet stores in Las Vegas

4. Salud Mexican Bistro & Tequileria:

Address: 8125W Sahara Ave Ste 110The best restaurants in Las Vegas Restaurant Salud Mexican Bistro & Tequileria Modern development has come to Mexican cuisine by Chef Paul Buscemi, as it uses in his dishes the touches and influences of his mother who was born in Cuba. The basics of the menu in this restaurant include: (Mexican nokis, halibut from the ocean Calm, crab (Mexican style “enchilada”).

5. The Patio Desserts & Drinks Restaurant:

Address: 5225S Decatur Blvd Ste 107The best restaurants in Las Vegas The Patio Desserts & Drinks Restaurant The Patio Desserts & Drinks has a Al Bahah themed spot, which features dishes such as: (Thai ice cream roll and other Asian dishes). The dishes served there include: green tea cake with red bean cream, kinako Roasted Soybeans ”served with black raspberry sauce, honey toast with fresh fruits and served with homemade corn cream and raspberry ice cream, daisy tea with fresh iced flower and exquisite Hong Kong waffle with fresh fruits and served with thick espresso ice cream.

6. Mb Steak Restaurant:

Address: 4455Paradise RoadThe best restaurants in Las Vegas Mb Steak Restaurant This restaurant is located in the “Hard Rock” hotel and was created by the brothers “David Morton” and “Michael Morton”, and this project represents the first joint cooperation between them. The menu includes: (steaks, seafood, and shellfish). This restaurant is two floors plus there is a private car entrance.

7. Bardot Brasserie:

Address: 3730 Las Vegas Blvd SRestaurants in Las Vegas Bardot Brasserie Restaurant This restaurant embraces the culture and feeling of dining in a Parisian restaurant with a focus on the details of modern artisan cuisine. This classic French experience offers you traditional French dishes for a weekend lunch and dinner, and that includes: (French onion soup with French truffle , Cooked snail wrapped in puff pastry dough, and more). The cooking team at this restaurant is led by Chef Joshua Smith.

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