The capital of the Comoros

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Union of the Comoros, officially called the Lunar Union, the Comoros country consists of a group of islands in the Indian Ocean located in the volcanic Comoros archipelago, namely: the island of Mawali, the island of Anzwani, the island of Mahore, and the island of Ngazijiao, along with a number of small islands .

It occupies a site near the eastern coast of the continent of Africa near the northernmost part of the Mozambique canal located between northern Madagascar and Mozambique, and Seychelles, Madagascar, Tanzania and Mozambique are among the neighboring countries close to the Comoros. Comoros occupies the third smallest among the African countries in terms of area, with an area of ​​about eight hundred and sixty-three square miles, and residing on its lands seven hundred and ninety eight thousand people, and the Comoros is considered the sixth African country in terms of population.


The Comoros archipelago is characterized by a mixture of cultures and historical diversity. This diversity came from the civilizations that established on its lands. The Comorians inhabit three languages: Arabic, French, and Lunar. The largest cities of the Comoros Islands are considered to be the capital of the Union, and it was officially adopted as the capital of the country in 1962 AD And more than sixty thousand and two hundred people reside in it.

The Comorian Union joins the League of Arab States, the Indian Ocean Commission, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the International Organization of Franconians, and the African Union. The Comorian State is the only country that has gathered the membership of these unions and organizations.

the climate

The Comoros is characterized by its impact on climate, one of which is tropical and the other one is moderate. The country witnesses a large rainy season with two seasons during the year. As the temperature reaches 19 degrees, the islands experience hurricanes during this period.


Comoros lacks land borders, is considered the smallest country in the world, and is part of the territorial waters under its ownership, and its terrain varies between low altitude hills and high mountains.


The lunar federation is subject to a presidential, federal, and federal system, governing the country and the head of government, who will be the head of the state as well. In addition, Comoros follows a multi-party system. The country’s constitution was ratified in 2001 through a referendum, and the country’s constitutions and executive powers have been established, and it is indicated that The country was subject to a military dictatorship.


The government focuses most of its attention on reducing poverty and achieving economic development, unemployment constitutes 14.3%, and the agricultural and fishing sector is considered one of the most important economic sectors, and the vast majority of the population works in the industrial sector, constituting 38.4%.


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