The Dubai Shopping Festival is an international occasion attended by many visitors from all over the world during the month of January every year. What attracts most of these numbers of tourists and shoppers are the major shopping centers, various international restaurants and many leisure activities. Dubai has reformulated the concept of tourism in big cities by providing infrastructure at the highest level and building new areas within the city in record time. Dubai is a global city and its doors are open to receive visitors and residents of different nationalities, which helps to create a multi-cultural atmosphere and a tolerant environment with everyone.
Products and merchandise are displayed at the best prices at the Dubai Shopping Festival, in addition to the creations of culinary experts who compete to provide the best during the festival, by mixing international flavors with Middle Eastern ones. Visitors to the city during this period have an unparalleled experience; thanks to that, Dubai has today become one of the most important points where well-known restaurant chains and world-renowned chefs meet. Each restaurant offers an unparalleled experience with high-quality services and unique exterior and interior designs.

Pierre Chic Restaurant

Specialization: seafood
Birchke Restaurant is located in Madinat Jumeirah Resort on the coast of Dubai and has a distinct romantic atmosphere The restaurant is built on wooden supports in the sea connected to the land via a wooden platform, which gives it amazing views of the Arabian Gulf and Burj Al Arab. This restaurant offers the best seafood in Dubai.

Buddha bar

Specialization: Asian cuisine
Buddha Bar is located in Grosvenor House Hotel. It offers a mixture of Asian cuisine and features an elegant atmosphere, sophisticated decoration, ceilings decorated with decorations, a golden statue of a four-meter-high Buddha, as well as a wonderful view of Dubai Marina. The dishes here combine Indian, Thai and Japanese cuisine.


Specialization: traditional Arabic food
Al Hadhirah Restaurant reflects the old Arab lifestyle, and it is located in Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa. Arabic and traditional cuisine cooked in coal pits and wood-fired ovens are served here, due to the rhythms of live music, dancing shows, and beauty and horse shows amid a wonderful desert castle.

Reflections Restaurant

Specialization: French cuisine
Raffles is one of the most prominent French cuisine restaurants in Dubai, located in the Intercontinental Hotel in Festival City, and operates under the supervision of Chef Pierregane, a Michelin-starred star. This restaurant has a colorful décor design, but you will not notice it much as you enjoy French dishes.


Specialization: Japanese food
Nobu is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Dubai, located in Atlantis The Palm. One of the most successful Japanese restaurant chains, Nobuo Natsuhoisa, a business chain owned by businessman Nobuo Natsuho, serves food like fish with miso and sushi.

Sea Council

Specialization: Mediterranean / Grill
Majlis Al Bahar Restaurant gives you the opportunity to dine on a private beach in Burj Al Arab, and you can choose either a regular meal or have a barbecue on the beach. Here you will enjoy a special service with an experience of Mediterranean cuisine.

Royal China

Specialization: Chinese food
Royal China serves elaborately prepared Chinese cuisine, in a setting decorated with red velvet curtains, Chinese furnishings, lanterns and patterns. Royal Chania is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Dubai.


Specialization: Japanese food
A Japanese restaurant located in Raffles Dubai, with its hierarchical design and stunning panoramic view of the city. Tomo features a beautiful Japanese interior and a great presentation of Japanese cuisine.


Specialization: international / seafood
Al Mahara Restaurant is a tourist destination in itself. It is completely surrounded by a floor-to-ceiling fish tank with more than 140 species of marine creatures. To add to the magnificence and charm of this place is the quality of fresh seafood prepared by the best chefs in Burj Al Arab.

Armani Ristorante

Specialization: italyn cuisine
Located in the Armani Hotel, “Armani Restaurant” is proud of a modern and elegant design in calm colors. A team of italyn chefs offers a menu of carefully selected italyn cuisine, as well as sweets. The open kitchen is also a highlight of Armani Ristorante, where diners can see how chefs prepare food.

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