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The best time to visit Princesses Island

The best time to visit Princesses Island is in the summer when the weather is sunny and the islands water is warm, and the summer is the most suitable season for tourists, it can also be visited in the spring or autumn to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and the wonderful spring and autumn climates, but it is advised not to visit in a season Winter, because the cold is very cold. In general, the visit is between April and May, and between September and October.

About Princess Island

Princesses Island is located in the Sea of ​​Marmara in Turkey and is affiliated with the province of Istanbul. It consists of nine small islands. Four of these nine islands are allowed for visitors. They are: Buyukada Island which is the largest and most popular island, Hebli Ada Island, Borgaz Ada, Kinali Ada Island, and is characterized by These islands have several things that make them a destination for many tourists from different countries of the world, including the absence of cars or motorized vehicles in general, which gives the islands the character of calm and peace, because the means of transportation in the islands are carriages of horses and regular steps, as the islands are distinguished by its historical buildings that were designed in the style Fick Toure, the reason for naming the princesses island by this name is due to the Byzantine era, where it was an exile for princesses and empresses.

Princesses Islands

Buyukada Island

It is the largest island in terms of area and more popular than other islands, with an area of ​​5.4 square kilometers, and a population of 7,500 people. Among the archaeological sites on this island are the Hamidiye Mosque which was built by Sultan Abdul Hamid II and the Church of Ayios Demetrius.

Hebelida Island

It is the second largest island in the archipelago. The island was named after Chalky during the Byzantine period, and among its famous buildings are the Naval Academy and the Greek Orthodox High School.

Burgazada Island

It is the third largest island in the archipelago, and the island was named after Panormos in the Hellenistic period, and the beautiful buildings in it are the Church of Ayia Ioannis Prodromos and Monastery of Christos Metamorphosis.

Kinalada Island

It is the smallest of the aforementioned islands, and features beautiful summer homes and beaches, water sports clubs and an Olympic swimming pool.

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