For those who want to live a full Greek experience, here is the surprise for you to visit Greece in the winter, during this time you will enjoy more and spend better times.
During the winter, Greece is less crowded, which helps you see how wonderful it is, and do a lot of winter sports activities in the islands and cities without suffering from overcrowding with tourists.

Winter weather is mild

Despite the relatively cold winter in Greece from December to February, the weather conditions in the countries of the Greeks are more moderate compared to the winter in many countries of the world.
The weather in Athens in mid-January is excellent, as if you were having an ideal spring day. Beginning in the mid-1960s, the Greek islands welcomed travelers and visitors who frequent their hotels to enjoy good weather in winter, eat outdoors, and take walks along its coast.

Cheaper services

Moreover, the prices of tourism in Greece in the winter are much cheaper compared to the summer, you will be able to do a lot of activities in the picturesque islands such as Santorini, Crete, Syros, Corfu, Rhodes and Hydra at cheap prices. Plus, hotel rooms and airline tickets are a lot cheaper.
You can enjoy distinguished service in resorts that provide the best services for visitors in Greek hotels, as well as eating delicious fresh drinks in restaurants and cafes there, at much lower prices compared to the summer.

A center for winter sports

Only two hours north of the center of Athens you will reach a wonderful mountain city called Arachova, and this city is at its best during the winter season, which is the favorite ski destination for the Greeks and many tourists, and it is also a charming city that takes you to ancient Greek times, through its streets Cobblestone winding, its Byzantine churches, and its beautifully-built houses.
In addition to the Arachova, you can do other winter sports in towns like Calafretia. You can ride horses, bicycles, and hiking in mountainous areas, and swim in Lake Vouliagmeni, whose temperature always remains constant and does not exceed 24 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

Greek food

You do not have to be a native of the country to know how delicious and beautiful Greek food is, but you will be surprised all the time by the good taste of food. The cuisine in Greece is an important part of the culture of the Greeks. The Greek cuisine has affected many western kitchens, and it is considered a Mediterranean cuisine, and it shares some distinct characteristics with the cuisine of Italy, the Balkans, Turkey and the Levant. The Greeks use a lot of vegetables, olive oil, grains, fish. And white and red meat such as lamb, poultry, rabbit and others, in addition to the main components of them including olives, cheese, eggplant, zucchini, herbs, bread and yogurt. The most commonly used grains are barley.
Among the most famous Greek dishes is Papoutsakia, which is a delicious dish consisting of eggplant stuffed with minced beef, nutritious food served with bechamel and cheese sauce, and Loucanico, which is a sausage that tends to be hot and creamy, therefore it is preferred to share with other dishes and eat it as an appetizer, and do not forget Flaounes, a traditional Greek Cypriot recipe, tastes sweet, savory, tasty with fragrant aromatic ingredients stuffed like milk and musky, as well as walnut and honey desserts, and you should not leave Greece without tasting Greek sweets, which often rely on mixtures of olive oil and honey With filo dough slices.

Festivals season

Every winter, Greece holds its own set of festivals, which witness a group of the largest celebrations that you should see and listen, as it holds a large carnival that takes place after 40 days of fasting, and includes a series of celebrations that culminate during the weekend, and the celebrations include performances and parades. Greek dances, as well as offer the most delicious and delicious meals and cuisine.

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