The city of Bursa includes many distinctive tourist attractions, which are considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Turkey, and one of the most important tourist places that exist in the city of Bursa, Uludag Mountain, which is one of the most famous places that exist in the city because it contains the cable car, which is considered a lot of fun The real and big city, which attracts large numbers of visitors from all over the world.

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Cable car ride to Bursa:

The cable car ride is one of the most important means of enjoyment and entertainment in Bursa, as the cable car in Bursa extends more than about nine kilometers, from above Uludag Mountain, which is one of the most famous and most beautiful green mountains in Turkey, and the Bursa cable car is one of The longest cable car in the world, due to its large area.

Cable car trip in Bursa:

  • The cable car in Bursa is characterized by being located at a very large height, which reaches that height of about more than two hundred and thirty-six meters approximately, from the surface of the sea, in addition to its height from Uludag Mountain, about one thousand eight hundred and ten meters, and the place also contains more than seven Seventy equipped vehicles, and each cable car can accommodate more than eight passengers.
  • The most important characteristic of the cable car trip in Bursa is that when there are large groups of people, the number of cable cars, which number about ninety four, can increase, if needed.
  • There is also another cruise cable car, which is the cable car for the second station, which transports visitors to the highest area in the mountain Uludag and that station is more exciting than the first station due to its high altitude, and there are many ways of entertainment at the top of the mountain peak.

Entertainment ways on the cable car trip in Bursa:

  • You can enjoy spending quality time by watching many scenic and scenic, through the cable car trip through this high altitude, which the visitor feels the pleasure and excitement.
  • You can also enjoy mountain bike riding, which is one of the most important means of entertainment in the cable car ride, after the cable car transports you to the snow-covered Uludag region, along with the ability to ride motorcycles that make you excitement and excitement.
  • You can have a good time by eating some famous Turkish food, through restaurants located in the top of the Uludag Mountain, which provides delicious dishes and outstanding services.
  • It is also possible to drink some hot drinks, including Turkish coffee, by choosing any one of the cafes on the top of the mountain, which provides many multiple drinks.
  • It is also possible to practice skiing in the designated places, especially in the winter, when ski machines and tools are available in many places in the place.
  • Excitement and fun can be experienced by taking a cable car from its second stop, and access to the highest area in the mountain, which there are many restaurants and also distinctive cafes in addition to the different views of the city.

Cable car trip dates:

A cable car trip can be enjoyed on a daily basis, at certain times, where a cable car ride is available daily from eight in the morning until ten in the evening every day.
However, on some days when the weather condition may not allow the ride of the cable car, such as the days when it is very windy, especially in the winter, the cable car stops working, so it can be confirmed before going to the cable car station whether it is working or not on the same day.

Cable car ticket prices:

Ticket prices for cable car rides vary from person to person, where ticket prices are as follows:

  • The price of a cable car ride is thirty-five Turkish liras, at the cable car stations, including departure and return.
  • As for the price of a cable car ride for children under the age of twelve, the ticket price for one child will be twenty Turkish liras only
  • As for the price of a single ticket, children who are less than six years old are allowed free entry without any expenses or paying tickets.

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