The capital of the State of Kenya

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The capital of the State of Kenya

The city of Nairobi is the capital of the State of Kenya, as it is considered one of the largest cities ever, and the name of this city was derived from the language of the Masai tribes specifically from the word Ngara Nairobi which means the place of cold water, as this city was known as the green city under the sun, and perhaps what distinguishes it most The presence of many modern and upscale suburbs around it, which contain new housing and villas.

Founding the city of Nairobi

This city was founded in 1899 AD, as it was a small town, as it was a station on the railway linking Mombasa to Uganda, then the town’s growth accelerated dramatically until it later became a capital of the British East African colony, and that was In 1907 AD, then it became the capital of the Free Republic of Kenya. It was a center for coffee, as well as tea and sisal, which is a plant from which ropes are made from in the colonial period of Kenya. It is noteworthy that this city is located on the Nairobi River in the south of the country specifically at an altitude of what It is about 1795 meters above sea level.

Geography of the city of Nairobi

The area of ​​this city is approximately 696 square kilometers, as it is currently the 12th city among the ranking of the largest cities in the continent of Africa, as it is considered one of the most prominent cities in Africa in terms of political and financial, in addition to that it is a center of Kenyan business, and contains On nearly 100 major international companies and organizations including the United Nations Environment Program, as well as the headquarters of the United Nations in Africa and the Middle East, and is considered the primary market for securities, as it is the fourth country in terms of the volume of commercial transactions in the country.

Culture and society in the city of Nairobi

This city is distinguished by its being a cosmopolitan and multicultural city. Perhaps this is due to its great influence on the British presence in it through its colonial base, as it contains many English designations found in each of the suburbs, parks, as well as shopping centers, and it was settled by a large number of Foreigners in the middle of the twentieth century, and this city is also distinguished for its diverse and diverse structure of different cultures, as represented by a number of places of worship such as churches, mosques, and other temples, and perhaps the most prominent of these places of worship are the church and cathedral of the Holy Family, and That Cathedral All Saints, and the mosque, in addition to the Ismaili community box, known as the capital city of the world’s Safari.


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