The concept of hotels

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Definition of hotels

The tourism sector in any region was based on a number of constituents, and the pillars, among them the availability of facilities and tourist facilities that provide the services that tourists need during their trips, and perhaps the most prominent of these facilities, and the most important of which are hotels.

Hotels are defined as those that provide accommodations for housing, sleeping for people in general, and visitors in particular, along with many other services such as restaurants, gyms, meeting rooms, and others. Hence, the presence of hotels in the countries has become an indispensable matter, given the volume of services provided by such facilities, and we can imagine the absence of hotels in a country how it will be reflected on the tourism sector in them, and thus on its economy in general, due to the inability of visitors To find somewhere to sleep while on their various trips, as well as depriving the people of the state of large numbers of jobs and job opportunities.

History of hotels

The idea of ​​creating hotels is one of the old ideas that appeared before BC, as the hotels were initially small and modest accommodations, which the owners would set up to accommodate travelers, and sometimes some travelers had to share a room with other travelers.

With the passage of time, hotels gradually began to evolve, as they were able to make quantum leaps in the last three centuries, due to the growing idea of ​​travel for hiking, as well as the development of transportation, which increased the number of travelers, and the need to develop these important facilities and improve the quality of services That it offers to its guests.

Types of hotels

  • Resorts: Resorts offer all the amenities and entertainment for their guests who want to relax and spend enjoyable times, as the resorts usually include many facilities, services, and places of entertainment. The resorts are often located in attractive places in terms of tourism, such as lakes, seas, mountains, and others, and work in a large proportion of them is a seasonal work, such as those in which people spend their time escaping from cold weather, or high temperature.
  • Commercial hotels: These hotels are spread in all places, where they provide comfort for those who make short trips, and are provided with all the services that they need, in addition to containing many important accessories that are of interest to guests.
  • Residential hotels: This type is similar to residential buildings that contain multiple apartments. Rooms are rented to customers who want to stay for relatively long periods of time, so that during the period of the customer’s residence, they provide all the basic needs for them.

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