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The best time to visit Zanzibar

Zanzibar is an island group that includes both Pemba Island and Anguga Island, located 36 kilometers northwest of the mainland of Tanzania, and the best time to visit Zanzibar is from June to October, and from December to February, and travel to Zanzibar should be avoided. In April, due to the strong rains that fall in this month, in addition to that it is possible to visit Zanzibar in the months of July and August, if the person wants to participate in water sports and fun activities in the open air.

Climate of Zanzibar Islands

The climate of the Zanzibar Islands is characterized as tropical and humid, with an average annual rainfall of 1500-2000 mm, as the northeast trade winds blow from December to March, while the southeastern trade winds blow from May to October, in addition to that The islands are experiencing a long period of precipitation between March and May, and a short period of precipitation between October and December.

The main attractions in Zanzibar

Zanzibar beaches

In Zanzibar there are many quiet and beautiful beaches that can be visited in order to enjoy its beautiful natural beauty, as Zanzibar contains about 25 white sandy beaches, it includes small villages used for fishing, and the most famous beaches of Zanzibar that can be traveled to Nungwi Beach, Mangabani, and Pwani Makanjani, Urua and Jambiani. Most of these beaches also include luxury resorts offering world-class facilities for tourists.

Jozani forests

Jozani forests contain a wide range of scenic green landscapes, the last indigenous forest in Zanzibar located in the interior of the Chawaka Bay, an area that witnesses many continuous floods feeding many unique trees in the marsh forests.

Prison island

This island offers a wonderful glimpse of the island’s dark past, where it was previously used as a site for holding slaves, but when slavery was abolished, the island was turned into a camp to exile sick people with deadly diseases, then this island has now become a natural reserve for giant turtles, and can be visited to identify Effects of the previous prison.

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