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Kafr El-Sheikh

It is one of the Egyptian cities located in the Nile Delta, it was called Al-Qadim under the name of Danqioun. The area of ​​the city is approximately 3,748.12 square kilometers, and its population is about 147,393 people.

Archeological tourism in Kafr El-Sheikh

Pharaohs Hill (Bhutto)

Bhutto is located in the villages of Desouk on the northwestern side of Kafr El-Sheikh, which was considered the capital of the city of Lower Egypt, before the unification of Egypt. Bhutto’s importance stems from her being the place that the Pharaohs return to to complete the coronation ceremonies, as it was linked to the ruling and coronation rituals.

  • Sphinx-shaped statues made from basalt from the Pharaonic period
  • The statue of the goddess Horus the falcon is one of the most beautiful and beautiful statues of the gods.
  • A statue belonging to the gods, Rasis II, holds a sacred wand in which the king wears priestly clothing.
  • A pink granite statue of the royal family Shashank.
  • Black granite artwork from Tuthmosis.

King Fouad Palace

Established in the year 193 AD, the palace takes the form of European construction. The palace includes two floors next to the annexes consisting of a royal railroad, a kitchen for the palace, and a special building for the inspection of royal endowments.

Burullus Lighthouse

Al-Fanar is located on the shore of the Mediterranean, established in 1860 AD, reaching a height of approximately 70 meters, the lighthouse is made of solid iron material, takes a cylindrical shape, the visitor can reach up through an internal tower that has an entrance from the lighthouse to reach the room designated for lighting For ships.

Sidi Ibrahim El Desouky Mosque

It is one of the ancient and historic Islamic mosques. The mosque is located in the north of the Nile Delta, south of the city of Desouk in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate. the world.

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