My trip to Finland .. By the grace of God, we visited Finland on a work mission and of course we did tourism in it .. The Republic of Finland is located in the territory of the Scandinavian countries in the north of the European continent and the population is estimated at about 5.3 million people and the currency is the euro .. This is a simple introduction .. Our trip was on May 25 Passing through Dubai Airport and staying a night in Madrid, Spain, and passing through Germany, Frankfurt, to Finland .. The trip was via Emirates Airlines and Lavantha Airlines .. Generally we will move to the pictures, I have photographed more than 700 pictures of the trip and I have chosen for you approximately 97 pictures and hopefully you will like it Because each image is more beautiful than the second .. And so on The humble report ..

Start from the airport in Muscat and in the morning and young enthusiasm
Coffee morning address before traveling
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Here is Dubai Airport
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A picture of clouds over the air of Italy
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Italy as it appears from the plane
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Here is the approach to Spain as shown on the seats screen
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Arrival to Madrid airport in Spain
Madrid seems to be the first thing that faces the free market replaces Madrid
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My bedroom is as it looks in Madrid
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From another angle. Each room was booked per person
Name: 12.JPG Views: 4678 Size: 80.0 KB
From another angle
Name: 13.JPG Views: 4580 Size: 86.5 KB
Very beautiful, wonderful and comfortable room
Name: 14.JPG Views: 4578 Size: 67.4 KB
Toilets God Almighty ..
Name: 15.JPG Views: 4607 Size: 92.4 KB
It was very cool in cold weather and hot bath
Name: 16.JPG Views: 4600 Size: 88.0 KB
A cold and quiet night in Madrid
Name: 17.JPG Views: 4570 Size: 86.5 KB
We arrived in Madrid late
Name: 18.JPG Views: 4567 Size: 89.7 KB
Cold night was
Name: 19.JPG Views: 4629 Size: 132.4 KB
Here is Frankfurt Airport in Germany as it looks with rain when we arrive
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We arrived in Finland and here is humble and beautiful Helsinki airport
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Here is a screenshot of the hotel that was booked in Helsinki and it was cold
Name: 22.JPG Views: 4796 Size: 101.3 KB
Upon our arrival we went to an Islamic restaurant and along the windmills of the youth over the armies
Name: 23.JPG Views: 4748 Size: 93.1 KB
This is the inner streets of Helsinki
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And we went to the festival, which is held weekly
Name: 25.JPG Views: 5169 Size: 109.1 KB
The atmosphere was beautiful with the festival, light rain, fresh and cool atmosphere
Name: 26.JPG Views: 4619 Size: 116.3 KB
Games of all genres, bands, and a very beautiful carnival
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My room in Helsinki looks great and good
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Prices are high in such beautiful hotels
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The atmosphere is beautiful and we went for a tour of the markets
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Icons are everywhere
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We decided to go to the port
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Then we planned to go to the beautiful islands, dozens of islands were booked
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Young people, with great vitality, take the ferry to a wonderful tour
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Here is the start to the sea
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We see ships and the first sight as we move
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Here are the beautiful houses and we drove off to the islands
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And here on the islands, we see a single house on an island in a wonderful sight
Name: 41.JPG Views: 4505 Size: 67.6 KB
Magnificence among the many islands scattered

Name: 43.JPG Views: 4459 Size: 71.1 KB
One of the bridges connecting the islands together
Name: 44.JPG Views: 4435 Size: 119.0 KB
The canals between these beautiful green islands
Name: 45.JPG Views: 4463 Size: 101.6 KB
One of dozens of very old and very beautiful homes

Name: 47.JPG Views: 4,523 Size: 128.8 KB
A green nature that gives you an optimistic spirit and psychological comfort
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Nice corner of a tunnel in a building
Name: 49.JPG Views: 4444 Size: 113.7 KB
Professional shot
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