We show you in this article the most important information about the entertainment destination Motiongate Dubai One of the best tourist attractions in the city and it is the ideal destination for families, and is the largest entertainment park in the Arab world and not only in the Emirates, and it represents another world and is different from the reality of Dubai, as it is the place Perfect for fantasy and adventure lovers.
And that destination is a testament to Dubai’s tourism distinction from Arab tourist destinations, through its keenness to provide many tourist attractions that carry within it a world of creativity and imagination and allows the visitor to live a unique experience in an atmosphere of adventure and fun, in Arab travelers you can see all Information about Motiongate Park.

The leisure destination of Motiongate Dubai

The most important information about Motiongate Park Dubai

This park is located inside the “Dubai Parks and Resorts” located on Sheikh Zayed Road facing the Palm Jebel Ali.
The theme of this park is inspired by Hollywood cinema, and it includes a group of fun entertainment destinations: Leon Gates World, Columbia Pictures, The Smurfs Village, Studio Central, and we will review each of them separately in the following lines:
Lion Gates

  • It is a destination inspired by the famous movie “The Hunger Games” in its shows and entertainment activities, as well as presenting artistic presentations from the famous “Step Up” show, such as “Step Up Dubai”.
  • Inside this place you can buy the best souvenirs for your family or friends, as well as many restaurants that serve you local and international meals.

Columbia Pictures
  • In this destination, you will live a different and unique experience full of excitement and adventure, as it offers its visitors many distinctive games, including a game of fantasy creatures, in addition to fighting another exciting adventure such as saving the city of New York, in addition to many games for water slides, and many Technical presentations available at this place.

Smurfs Village

  • If you are a fan of Alsnavr, one of the most famous cartoon characters, do not miss the opportunity to go to this village, which was designed in the style of the fictional Smurfs world, and in an atmosphere of fun and joy, you will enjoy the theatrical performances presented by this village, as it consists of five regions that include many interesting games.

Dream Works

  • It is one of the park’s best destinations, and it is also inspired in its design by many famous cartoon films like “Shrek”, and “Kung Fu Panada”. It consists of 4 regions and includes about 14 distinguished teachers.
  • This destination allows you to live a unique experience in an atmosphere of adventures such as roller coaster game, along with many distinct theatrical performances, and interactive game centers spread all over the place.

Studio Central

  • This destination allows you to travel through time to live the atmosphere of classic Hollywood cinema, where you can see the old stage shows and scenes of filmmaking and learn about the photographic equipment, and if you are a fan of Hollywood cinema and want to know a lot about its history then do not miss the opportunity to go to this place.
  • In general, the park includes a group of the best fun games such as Camp Viking, the Smurfs Factory game, Penguin Air game, and Filling Play House game.

Restaurants and shops in Motiongate Park

The advantages of this destination do not end there. Among the reasons that will also push you to visit this park are the other services that you provide to visitors, which we review for you as follows:

  • The completion of wandering around and playing in this park requires rest and eating drinks and food, so in this place you will find many restaurants that offer you delicious international meals such as Hotel Bistro Restaurant that serves pasta and pizza dishes, as well as Mr. Bing’s Noodle Chinese Restaurant if you love Chinese food .
  • As for local and Arabic meals, you can go to the Ferry Smirvey Restaurant and Café, which offers grilled chicken meals, and the Dragon Flame Grill restaurant that serves shawarma meals.


  • This store provides shopping services to visitors as it includes many souvenir stores, as well as various types of candy, as well as stores specialized in selling products such as clothing and toys inspired by the most popular animated films.

Motiongate Dubai opening times

  • In the summer season, from June until September 14, the dates of the visit begin Saturday for Wednesday from ten in the morning until two o’clock after midnight, and on Thursday and Friday, the dates of the visit begin from two o’clock in the evening until eleven in the evening.
  • In the winter season, from September 15 to April 30, visiting times start from Saturday to Wednesday from eleven in the morning until eight in the evening, and on Thursday and Friday from eleven in the morning until nine in the evening.

Motiongate Dubai tickets prices

Regarding ticket prices, there are three categories for these tickets:

  • One-day ticket: 25 AED.
  • Annual ticket: 354 dirhams.
  • Annual ticket to enter all parks: 595 dirhams.

You can book tickets online by logging into the official website of Dubai Parks.

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