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South Korea

Officially known as the Korean Republic, and its capital, and the largest city in it is Seoul, South Korea is an official country located in the south side of the Korean island, and from here it got the name of South Korea, while the name of Korea is derived from the family that ruled this region in the past, which Known as Goryeo, its rule continued during the medieval period, and then it ended with the proclamation of the establishment of the Korean Empire.

History of South Korea

Historical milestones indicate that the population presence on the Korean island dates back to the first ice age. It was inhabited in 2333 BC by the Dangen Wangum dynasty, and in 668 AD the Silla dynasty ruled this rule. This rule continued until 1910 when the remnants of the Korean Empire joined Japan.

After the Second World War, the Korean division appeared between the North and South Koreans, which led to the establishment of a republic in South Korea in 1948 AD, and another republic in North Korea, and in 1950 AD the North Korean military forces invaded South Korea, from which what is known as the War of the Two Koreas occurred , Which ended after a truce was signed between the two countries.

Geography of South Korea

South Korea occupies approximately 1,100 km2 of the land area that makes up the Korean island, and the area of ​​South Korean lands reaches approximately 100,200 km², and contains many natural mountainous heights, which were formed by volcanic accumulations.

The climate of South Korea is characterized by being continental with high humidity, and monsoon rains fall in the summer and winter months, and temperatures reach less than seven degrees Celsius in the winter, and rise in summer to more than 30 degrees Celsius.

Tourism in South Korea

There are many tourist places in South Korea, which are visited by many tourists from around the world, and many festivals and popular markets are held that contribute to clarifying the nature of culture and arts prevailing in South Korean society, which many tourists are interested in following up to get to know Korea in a way Best.

Traveling to South Korea

In order for a traveler to travel to South Korea, he must be aware of the following:

  • The necessity of obtaining a travel visa, which depends on the nature of foreign relations between Korea and the country of the traveler, taking care to know the length of time available for the visa to stay in Korea.
  • Choose the right airline, which provides the best service for travel to South Korea.
  • Trying to know the weather conditions, and making sure the weather is stable, which helps in obtaining a comfortable flight.
  • Have sufficient English language skills to easily communicate with people in public places, while at the airport, restaurant, or convenience store.
  • Choosing the right hotel, based on available room rates, and other services the hotel provides.
  • Determine the places that will be visited in South Korea during the available period of stay.

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