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The most beautiful Arab country

Arab countries are distinguished by their difference from each other in terms of geography, climate and tourist areas in addition to their difference in providing security and tranquility for their residents and visitors, this led to the emergence of countries that are more beautiful than others and more attractive to tourists, the most important of which are the Arab countries of Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates, as they are characterized by beautiful tourist cities of a nature A breathtaking addition to the enjoyment of these cities building modern architecture.

The State of Lebanon

Lebanon is located in the Middle East region, west of the Asian continent, alongside Syria, Palestine, and the Mediterranean Sea. Its total area is 10452 square kilometers, and it is inhabited by more than four million people, according to estimates issued in the year 2011 AD. The country is characterized by its population belonging to many different and multiple sects, as well as Christian presence and particiAl Bahahn is great compared to other Arab countries.
Due to its varied geography and the picturesque areas located in it, the country of Lebanon is very popular with Arab and foreign tourists every year.

The most beautiful places in the country of Lebanon

  • Jeita Cave: The cave consists of two main parts. The first was discovered in 1958 AD and was called the upper cave. The second section was discovered in 1933 AD and was called the lower cave. It increased the beauty of the place and attracted tourists to it.
  • Cedar forests: As it is known that the State of Lebanon is famous for the cedar trees that have become a symbol of it and its flag, and there are many cedar forests scattered in the mountains of Lebanon that are intended by tourists in the winter to practice skiing.
  • The ancient city of Tire: It is a city belonging to the Phoenician civilization, followed by the Romen era, and abundant stones, terraces and cave rooms abound in the city.

The United Arab Emirates

The UAE is located in the east of the Arabian Peninsula on the Asian continent along the Arabian Gulf, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman, with a total area of ​​83,600 square kilometers and inhabited by about 9,577,000 people, according to the last statistic conducted in the year 2015 AD.
The state was distinguished by its ancient history, as it has many remaining monuments from the civilizations that followed, in addition to its modern architectural building, which is characterized by the abundance of high and strange towers, which made the state attractive with respect to other Arab countries, and made it attract large numbers of tourists annually.

The most beautiful places in the Emirates

  • The Emirate of Dubai: It is a modern city with breathtaking views due to its high and abundant towers, in it the tallest tower in the world – Burj Khalifa – and there are many dancing fountains and luxury hotels that increased the attraction of tourists and investors to it.
  • The city of Manama, a city that contains high mountains with desert sand, which distinguished it with a picturesque nature.

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