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The most beautiful countries in the world

Who among us does not need rest and recuperation away from the noise and inconvenience, the individual needs from time to time to travel far in order to improve a little of his psyche and his mood, and when he decides to travel he remains puzzled to which country he goes to, where there are many distinctive and amazing cities in the world, which is unique in This is because each country has its own beauty, so that the traveler can learn about other cultures, and in this article we will show the most important and most beautiful cities in the world, where you can get to know the most important tourist areas in each city and thus you can travel to the city that suits you with ease.


London is one of the largest and most beautiful countries in the world that you can visit to enjoy and entertain, and there are many tourist places that you can visit, including the Hardus Market, where all the international brands you need are located, and it is considered one of the luxury markets in London, and you can also visit The wax museum, which collects forms of actors, politicians and athletes in the form of wax, is considered one of the most beautiful wax museums in the world.


Paris is one of the most beautiful tourist countries that you can visit and enjoy in it, and it has many tourist places that you can visit, including the Eiffel Tower, where it is the symbol of the city of Paris, and the Eiffel Tower is distinguished as one of the highest towers in the world, and you can climb over the tower and take pictures and eat Delicious food inside this amazing tower. You can also visit the Louvre Museum, and it is considered one of the most beautiful museums that has many famous paintings such as the Mona Lisa and Venus Milo.


Madrid is in the heart of Spain, a distinct city that you can travel to and enjoy an amazing vacation, and Madrid has many tourist places that you can visit, among them is Mercado de San Miguel, where the most important popular markets for food, so that you can enjoy delicious food and cold and hot drinks You can also visit Puerta del Sol, where thousands of visitors go annually to welcome the New World, and the most important characteristic of Puerta del Sol is the famous bear statue and the famous strawberry tree.


Montreux: The city of Montreux, which is located in the west of the state of Switzerland, is considered one of the most beautiful Swiss cities, as it is located on the northeastern coast of Lake Geneva, and Montreux is famous for jazz, where every year it hosts an annual jazz show, and is also famous for areas called Rocher de Nye that are intended for families Just where it is famous for ski areas, and in the city of Montreux, one of the most beautiful markets dedicated to Christmas, as it opens the market in December every year, and is located in Grand Street, and is also famous in public parks where various events are held for families, we mention the Adventure Park , Modern Swiss Steam, and MGM Maze is famous for its pitfalls and water games, as well as a fun planet where you can move around with wagons, and play the famous game of bowling.

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