We offer you through this article the most beautiful cities in Thailand, many of us love to travel, and Thailand is one of the most important tourist countries that you can visit and enjoy all the wonderful natural scenery.

The most beautiful city in Thailand:

Bangkok, Thailand:

Pinhasiere Park in Bangkok, Thailand:

It is characterized by many features that are not unprecedented in other gardens It is worth noting that the first thing that distinguishes this park is that it is located in the center of Bangkok and this is what made it have special features that make it one of the most important parks in Bangkok as this garden contains stunning views that dazzle the eye as there is In this park is a place for children to play and have fun beside a place for adults to practice various sports such as volleyball, running and many other activities in addition to a green garden, but there is a large lake of water located in the middle of the park there are also many statues and sculptures at the entrance to the park, you can through them Ware and enjoy the scenic views
Pangasiri Park in Bangkok, Thailand: –
It is one of the most beautiful gardens in Bangkok, where it contains a private garden for children beside a small lake and some statues, you can go to that park for walks and see the picturesque scenery as you can take some memorial pictures between the green trees and the landscape there.

MBK complex in Bangkok, Thailand:

It is one of the most important commercial market in Bangkok, where visitors from all over the world mean to it for several advantages. It is the largest commercial that will fulfill everything that visitors need. The MBK complex consists of more than five floors with an area of ​​more than 250 square meters each, a role as you can Enjoy an immense shopping experience in the MBK complex in Bangkok, Thailand.

Red Sky Bangkok in Thailand:

The most important restaurants in Thailand and in Bangkok in particular, where it is located in the heart of the city of Bangkok and this made him enjoy a special international position in all of East Asia as well as the Red Sky Bangkok restaurant provides a wonderful area for outdoor dining, where the restaurant is located on the 54th and 55th floor and this is what made it Outdoors There is also a range of panoramic shows spread across a city that truly the Red Sky Bangkok Restaurant is the right choice for anyone who wants to dine in a great atmosphere.

Siam Paragon mall in Bangkok, Thailand:

It is the best choice for all lovers of excellence and Western things. In this mall, you will renew many, many strange and distinct things that dazzle everyone who sees it. For example, if you are a fan of exotic currencies and love to buy them, the Siam Paragon Bangkok Center is the best choice for buying those foreign currencies, and if You love to buy global collectibles and things, you will find all that you wish in Siam Paragon Bangkok business.

Victory Monument in Bangkok, Thailand:

The most important and most prominent tourist attractions in Bangkok and also one of the most important landmarks in Thailand, where it was built after the Thai war, and it is considered one of the most important ceremonies for celebrating the victory in the war and we find next to it a market for buying all things at cheap prices and buying all products at prices unparalleled in the rest of the commercial markets.

Siam Water Park in Bangkok:

The most beautiful water parks in Bangkok and in the whole world as it contains vast areas of water, we find that Siam Water Park in Bangkok contains many and many water games where there are spaces for water skiing and there is a special side for horse riding and toys for children on a large green area, There is also at the entrance door a corridor is a castle similar to the castle of princesses designed a wonderful design that attracts the eye and dazzles children and adults, also you can photograph next to this castle and take some beautiful memorial pictures next to those wonderful views It is worth mentioning that the garden is divided into five parts to play and fun and Fun for all the family as we find that the water section is the most famous and most sections visit to check if you are lovers of water, you should go to this section, it is the perfect choice in order and your family.
In the end, we wish you to have a good time in the most beautiful city in Thailand, which is Bangkok.

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