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The most beautiful places and guide Tourist areas in America Recommended to visit, find out what is the most beautiful city in America? The United States of America is one of the most beautiful and famous countries in the world, where many people from all countries of the world visit it, due to the presence of many tourist attractions, their attractive nature and picturesque beaches, and the distinguished services that they provide to visitors and provide them with all the amenities that attract attention. Besides its distinct climate and easy to reach them.
It is also one of the most important major countries in the world, and the most important tourist destinations in the world. The United States of America is called the land of adventures, open horizons, snow-capped mountains, leather rivers, and pleasant forests, its western deserts that are found in ancient America, and its green plains, along with the states The United States includes many famous cities around the world, which are an important hub for many tourists, along with some other visitors who come to it for other purposes, including travel to seek knowledge, or to migrate, so if you want to visit the United States soon with a view to tourism and hiking in Ma’al Here tourism, it may be difficult for you restrict tourist landmarks, so he was keen Arab travelers site that brings you in this article, the most important tourist States of America, Tabona so you will be sure it.

The most beautiful tourist areas in America:

As we mentioned previously, America includes a lot of cities that are famous for their tourist attractions, which makes them the number one for many tourists, and among the most important cities that tourists want to visit:

  • New York:

There are many tourist places in New York City, the most important of which is the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building, along with Times Square, is one of the most populated cities, also called Big Apple, and New York City is one of the most important and most attractive areas for tourists, At the local and global level, because of their desire to see its ancient tourist attractions, it also contains a large number of American symbols, and it is known in America as the city that does not sleep, it is the beating heart of the United States, because it is one of the most active and populated cities among other cities of the states, in addition to that New York The most important centers of Trade and money, and is the united economic capital, due to the presence of the United Nations and the stock market, and there are the best hotels and restaurants, all of which makes it the focus of attention of tourists.

  • Los Angeles:

It is known that the State of Los Angeles holds many international celebrations, given the city has a moderate climate and pleasant breezes, as it belongs to the tourist destinations of the United States, besides it has many interesting beaches, including Santa Monica, Malibu and others, and it has Many shopping centers, including Rodeo Drive, and one of the most important tourist areas for tourists to take a walk in, especially in Beverly Hills, and is considered the largest state in California and located specifically in the western United States of America, and is one of the second largest cities and most in the population, after New York City on For success, as its picturesque beaches that overlook the Pacific Ocean extend, making it ranked third in terms of the length of its coast after the city of Jannier and Perth respectively, and that attractive city includes a lot of high-end hotels, and luxurious and distinguished restaurants that offer delicious food to tourists, and also has a lot It is a great shopping place, which makes it an important destination for tourists.

  • Chicago:

It has long been called the third city in the United States of America, in terms of population census, as it is the largest city in the state of America, and the city includes many places that attract tourists to all over the world, including restaurants, hotels and many places to shop and buy gifts, It has some museums and recreational places, which attract tourists.

  • Washington DC:

Washington is the capital of the United States of America, and it has many memorials and museums that make it one of the most important tourist areas that attract tourists, especially families and school trips, and among its most important tourist attractions is the National Mall, which includes the most important museums and cultural and political sites.

  • Las vigas:

There is a large percentage of tourists who prefer to go to Las Vegas, as they own a large group of restaurants of the first degree, and the population of the city of Las Vegas is about two million people, while for the number of tourists who visit it annually about 30 million years, and about 19 hotels and they are considered to be from The most important and largest 25 hotels in the world, and some tourists go to it because it has the highest world-class shopping, which makes that city one of the most important real cities to enjoy.

  • San Francisco:

It is called the legendary city, which is distinguished by its bay for its abundance of marine life, besides it is a city characterized by an attractive natural nature, and it is one of the most important cities in America in the state of California, although it is a very small city but it is distinguished from the rest of the American cities by its nature, its terrain and its attractive beaches, which are distinguished In its Victorian style, along with its cold weather, this city may differ from the rest of California, whose weather often tends to heat, and the city includes many attractions that attract tourists, and an amazing place for shopping, because it is full of shops, markets and many Italian stores .

  • Hawaii:

It is a natural destination for tourists because it contains attractive beaches and is characterized by its charming nature, in addition to the culture that is concentrated in the South Pacific, and Hawaii is one of the ideal destinations of the United States, if you are looking for beauty, you should visit Hawaii.

  • Grand Canyon:

Grand stretches for more than 200 km and is the first destination that attracts tourists, and is located in the southwest of the United States of America, and it has the best charming popular parks, and is one of the most important popular areas that tourists go from all over the world, where it provides a lot of services The good, and many activities can be practiced there, the most famous shopping and buying gifts.

  • New Orleans:

Many large and huge festivals are held in it, the most famous of which is the jazz festival, as it is one of the most important and largest gatherings for all fans of jazz music, which makes it different, and one of the most important tourist areas, whether local or international.

  • Florida:

Owns a lot of attractive beaches, and there are many tourist areas that are family friendly, the most important of which are Disney Wonder, and Latin culture, and it is called the State of the Rising Sun. It also belongs to the popular areas in the United States that visitors seek to enjoy.
Thus, we have shown you the most important tourist states in the United States of America in order to facilitate you in determining your attractions in the states.


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