The most beautiful tourist areas in the Netherlands is recommended to visit

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The most beautiful tourist areas in the Netherlands, the Netherlands is one of the most beautiful regions in Europe to which tourists come from everywhere in order to visit its different places, what are the most famous places of tourism in the Netherlands? What are the most beautiful rural cities that will stand in love with them as soon as you see them? We will get to know all the details through the following article on Arab Arab travelers.

The most beautiful tourist areas in the Netherlands:

Tourism in the Netherlands Amsterdam is one of the dreams that has become close to reach, and that you have to do as soon as possible. This wonderful town has many tourist areas that cannot be missed and we will talk about each of them:


No one can visit the Netherlands without going through Amsterdam, which is the capital of the country and the most important tourist centers in it, and Amsterdam is known for the intensity of nature, which is reflected in the beauty of water channels, beautiful houses and delicious food, and do not hesitate to take a tour through the doors that will take you to another paradise among tourists And the locals.


It is one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands and is famous for its seaport that has a long history, and as for its location it is located in the far north of the country and is spread by palaces dating back to the medieval antique.
Feel free to explore the different parts of the city, its antique streets, huge houses and warehouses, which have a very ancient history, some of which date back to the 17th century AD and are found throughout the city.


It is one of the unique tourist places in the Netherlands, and the houses in it date back to the year 1300, and it combines the beauty of dense green spaces and waterways in a form similar to the castle.
This is why you call it the castle, where you can see the city from a great height and you will feel that you are seeing a castle made up of nature and scenic views and the famous industries in the city spinning and weaving industry.


The city has been restored in the past and today it is one of the most famous places in agriculture and hunting, and many artists go to it with the aim of inspiring and seeking beauty in their works such as Picasso and Renoir.
Many tourists come to visit Volendam from most of the antique fishing boats and the lives of locals who wear elegant traditional Dutch dress.
You will find that most of the buildings in the city have red roofs, which add to their charm, in addition to boats made of wood and ancient monuments. You will feel that the past surrounds you from all sides and smells of memories.


It is one of the smallest cities in the Netherlands and is known for the intensity of the beauty of nature and the large number of natural waterways in addition to the pebbly alleys in an impressive form. Every day, you will want to walk around and visit its ancient landmarks, especially Grotti Square, which is the heart of Haarlem, and many events and activities are organized to attract tourists to the city.
It is indispensable that it is filled with windmills, the most famous landmarks of the Netherlands in addition to flowers in the form of large fields in different and unique colors in a very attractive appearance.


From the medieval cities of the Netherlands that combine the beauty of modernity with the classics of the ancient past, you will feel that all the neighborhoods in the city are very elegant and elegant, and it is full of parks where you can walk, bike or participate in the various sports that are organized.
You can also visit the city’s sights, such as museums, the Dome Church, and most places in the city express the fragrant past in a very unique image.


If you are a fan of Dutch flowers and mills, never hesitate to visit Rotterdam, which is not far from Amsterdam, as it is one of the cities that combines the beauty of nature with the abundance of stunning landscapes and the design of houses in a modern modern way at the same time. The city has its own character that you will definitely not find anywhere else.

The most popular countryside in the Netherlands:

If you want to explore the true beauty of the Netherlands and see places that surprise you, do not hesitate to visit the villages and cities that are located in the Dutch countryside and one of the most beautiful at all:

Zeric z:

  • It is located in the heart of the Dutch countryside and is part of the island of Zeeland, and contains more than 400 historical monuments.
  • Zierk Zee is for the sake of the Dutch cities at all and is a popular destination for tourists to visit the 12th-century Australian martyr church, which was destroyed in 1832 AD and then revived again and its sign still stands today. You can climb the tower to enjoy unique views of the charming city.
  • They are famous for their hunting excellence and don’t forget to visit the Maritime Museum, which has a unique location on the beach.


The most fortified city in the country, because it enjoys a strategic location directly overlooking the Ajcil River.
The city is the best place to see the sunset and enjoy the ancient myths that fade from its walls.
In Duisburg you will find a lot of archeological places that you have to go through, such as the mustard museum, the vinegar museum, the lawn for grass, and the museum for glass industries, which displays many works of glass with precision and skill, and many celebrations are organized in the city square.


In the past it was considered one of the most important commercial centers in the Netherlands, as it contains a sea port that is very active in trade and for the day it is considered one of the rural cities dating back to the Middle Ages, and one of its most famous features is the suspended kitchens, which consist of small rooms hanging in front of the buildings that are located on the Damstrdeb Canal .
You can ride a bike or wander around to end the city and integrate with the local people, and do not miss to visit the city square, which dates back to the year 1630, making it one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands at all, or visit the huge Nikolai Church known for its unique architecture.


  • If you are going to this wonderful village, you will get a certificate stating that your weight is appropriate for your height. It was customary to try the medieval magicians in Europe where people from everywhere came to the city in order to prove that they are not magicians by obtaining a statement that their weight is appropriate with Their height.
  • Oudavater is one of the oldest enchanting cities that was built in 1265 AD, which includes many antique medieval houses, and enjoys a unique view of the water channels that spread in the rural village.
  • You can ride the phrase, which will take you all over the village, in order to enjoy the beauty of its new form.

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