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Georgetown is located off the west coast of Malaysia on Penang Island, which is a historical city listed among the UNESCO World Heritage sites, and is famous for its interesting streets, beautiful heritage buildings, and a wide range of sites that offer delicious cuisine, and this city can be explored on foot, given Because of its small size, enjoying the views, and monuments found along the city, including Cheung Fat Tizi Palace and Armenian Street.

London city

London is the largest city and capital of the United Kingdom. It is famous for many museums and tourist attractions that attract visitors, including the London Eye, the London Bridge, and the British Museum, and in the year 2020 AD, London welcomed nearly 19.88 million tourists, a / t, which made it the most important tourist attraction in Europe, and the second most attractive area. For visitors in the world.

Cape Town

Cape Town tops the list of the most beautiful cities in the world, being one of the most colorful cities, and is located in the fertile Cape Peninsula, surrounded by the blue Atlantic Ocean on three sides, and one of the city’s most famous areas is the Bo Cap neighborhood, a region that includes the Malay Muslim community In Cape Town.

The city of Cartagena

Cartagena is considered the jewel of the Caribbean coast in Colombia, and this city is one of the most famous tourist destinations, being a charming ancient city that contains the most famous international beaches, in addition to being one of the most vibrant cultural areas, in addition to being characterized by fresh and delicious seafood.

Chiang Mai city

The city of Chiang Mai is one of the most popular cultural and tourism cities that can be visited in Thailand, so this city is ideal for experimenting with delicious food, visiting spiritual attractions, tribal villages, listening to riding elephants, in addition to providing opportunities to learn Thai massage, and Chiang Mai is famous for its calmness; Surrounded by beauty and countryside, it is a cosmopolitan city that attracts locals and foreigners, as it has more than thirty temples that combine Thai, Sri Lankan and Burmese styles.

The city of Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and the most densely populated city in the country. This city is famous for a wide range of tunnels and bridges connecting the city to each other, which attract visitors. It was founded in the tenth century, and was able to transform into an influential cultural and urban center in the country. Many attractions can be visited including the Tivoli Gardens, the famous Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Museum, which was founded in 1888 AD, as well as the Stroget Street which is one of the longest shopping streets in Europe.

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