Guide to the most beautiful tourist cities of Poland is advised to visit, did not lie to those who said that Poland is the city of antiquities, as it is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, and the cheapest in comparison to the rest of the tourist cities, what are the most beautiful cities that exist in this country, which millions of people mean every year? We’ll show you the most ancient and most ancient city in which you will find many tourist resorts and entertainment places.

The most beautiful tourist cities of Poland:


It is one of the medieval cities that is famous for the ancient castle that has existed since the thirteenth century AD, and was built by order of the Order of Teutonic, and it is one of the largest castles found in Europe at all after the castle of the Virgin Mary. Malbork Castle was built of bricks, and it took 230 years to build. It was destroyed before WWII, and it was rebuilt.

Oblan city:

It is located on the bank of the Vistula River, which is one of the 30 most beautiful cities in the world, and it was destroyed in the war as well, but that did not affect its beauty, and it still retains many churches and paintings carved in the Gothic language, and they embody the massacres that took place.


There is the largest university in Poland, which revives many events and international celebrations every year, including the Malta International Theater Festival, and you will enjoy walking along the imperial royal road, enjoying seeing glacier slopes, skiing on them and the presence of an artificial lake.

Rocklaw City:

The city of Wrocلاaw lies on the Oder River, and is one of the largest cities in Poland. It was subject to the rule of Germany, the State of Russia, the State of Bohemia, and now Poland.
The most important thing about this city is the dedicated engineering architecture, and you will listen to its shopping and seeing rare animals

Tourist schedule in Poland:

Below is a tourist schedule to enjoy your time in Poland, and often you will need between one week and ten days to live a unique experience

Old town:

It was called this name as the oldest authority in the capital, and delegations come to it every year.
In the middle of the area is Old Town Market, a resort in which you’ll find lots of cafes, restaurants, and shops to buy everything you need. This part also has medieval architecture.

Warsaw Fountain Park:

A dazzling place just north of the old town, it’s so beautiful beyond the dancing water fountain

Saxon Park:

It is located in the middle of the city, Warsaw, in Poland near Byzodsky, and it is considered one of the oldest parks in the city, and was built in the late seventeenth century.

Royal palace :

In the grand square at the entrance, Warsaw, it is equipped with many rooms belonging to the Polish kings, and their different needs.
In the royal palace there are many original international paintings, which are hung on the walls. You will also find gems that increase all the walls in the palace, and some decorations made of pure gold.

Royal Lazniki Park:

It is one of the most important parks that exist in Poland, and it includes 78 hectares in the middle of Warsaw, and a large number of visitors visit it every day to enjoy watching rare animals. You will also find in the zoo many joyful parks to enjoy a joyous time with your family alongside nature.

Fort Warsaw

  • It is one of the greatest relics that remained from the town’s fortifications in ancient times in order to protect them from the invasion of the enemy.
  • Whether you are interested in archeology or not, you will feel your visit to a fort, Warsaw, that he took you in time to the era in which he was present, and all we hope is that you enjoy your time within this delightful, completely different era.

Is Poland suitable for families?

  • You must define the elements of your tourism, as they differ from one person to another. If you want to have a conservative tourism experience for you and your family, it is better not to go to Poland, and the matter does not apply to this country in particular, but to all European and American countries because this country is considered an open country. , Which anyone can do anything in the sight and hearing of others, and because of the spread of freedoms in an exaggerated manner, this may affect the morals of your children, and you will find a great openness in the beaches, tourist resorts, parks, and airports, and it will sign you with a lot of embarrassment if I ask you Your son, what do these people do?
  • As for shopping in Poland, it is cheap in comparison to the rest of the European Union, and its prices are similar to ours, not very expensive, and you will feel that the country is relatively poor and outdated.
  • As for safety, it is considered one of the most safe countries, and the treatment of Poles is very respectful, and no one will bother you, your family, and the police are everywhere to serve the citizens and the tourists.

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