The most beautiful tourist facilities in Tetouan, Morocco

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Tetouan, the pearl of the north, is an Andalusian city. Tetouan is located in the Flagy region on the shores of the Mediterranean, close to Tangier, where it lies between the heights of Darsa and the dark Rif mountain range, which enhances the presence of the white color that distinguishes the city’s buildings. And despite the fact that Tetouan is a city closed to itself, it is open to the world, and is distinguished by its civilizational and cultural heritage thanks to its strong and permanent relations with the outside, as its strong relations with the rest of the cities and regions of Morocco and with Europe and the Arab world have not been broken for the past five centuries, and despite this openness onlyNha managed to maintain the pattern of Islamic civilization Andalusian live over the Moroccan territory, along with its commitment to continuous adjustment with all the cultural tributaries of incoming, this which added to its history and enriched by the ancient and very much to you the most important details on Arab travelers.

A glimpse into the city’s history

The city of Tetouan has its ancient history, which is ancient. In its west, the Roman city of Tamouda was found, where excavations showed great traces of the city, and the history of the city dates back to the third century BC, and the city was destroyed in 40 AD, as a result of the events that occurred during the Edemon Revolution.
And it was called Tetouan since the 11th century, when the city was rebuilt so that it would be a fortress in 1307 AD. The late 15th century was the beginning of the modern history of the city of Tetouan during the fall of the city of Granada in Andalusia, when thousands of Muslims and Jews migrated to this destroyed town of Tetouan. In its reconstruction, and from here it was the beginning of growth and prosperity of the city in all fields, then it turned into a reception and embracing center for the civilization of Andalusia, and the city’s port became one of the most important ports in Morocco.

The most beautiful sights in Tetouan:

  • Archaeological Museum:

This museum contains a number of Roman mosaic exhibits, which were discovered by the archaeological site of Lixus, as well as a number of artifacts from northern Morocco sites such as pottery and bronze pieces and some coins, along with a distinguished library of more than 60 thousand volumes of literature to preserve literature in North Africa .

  • Phil Novell:

As it is known as Al-Hudaydah Al-Hodeidah, the city’s reach extends along Mohamed V Street starting from the Palace of the King’s Palace, and many traditional restaurants and cafes are spread along the road. They are one of the ideal places to learn about the daily life of the city’s residents. .

  • Cabo Negro Beach:

It is one of the most important landmarks of Tetouan and is considered one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in northern Morocco, where many tourist resorts are packed along the beaches.

  • Al Reef Mountains:

The fertile rural mountain region of Tetouan is a paradise for hikers, hikers and bird watchers, and is an ideal destination for mountain bike drivers, with its beautiful nature and endless green scenery.

  • old City:

It is considered one of the most cities in Morocco to preserve the authentic Andalusian atmosphere, as it is home to the Andalusian refugees in the period from 1484 to 1913, and in 1913 the old city became a Spanish protectorate even after Morocco’s independence, and in the streets and alleys of the old town, Andalusian architecture is evident. Make it on the World Heritage List in 1997.

  • Shopping area:

The shopping experience in Tetouan is very wonderful and enjoyable, as the prices are cheap compared to the prices in Marrakesh and Fes. All the goods are sold locally, crafts, ceramics, traditional textiles and handcrafted jewelry, as well as selling baked goods, food, vegetables and fruits.

  • Ethnography Museum:

In the fortress of Sultan Moulay Abd al-Rahman, its walls embrace the Museum of Ethnography, which was established in 1948, with the aim of highlighting traditional Moroccan culture such as daily life, marriage customs and ceremonies, as well as providing visitors with a roof with a wonderful view of the city of Tetouan.

  • The Rubberyard Prison Church:

It is considered one of the most prominent historical monuments in the city, as it is located under the ground, as this church was in the 16th century a place of worship for Christian prisoners.

  • The Great Mosque:

It dates back to the 15th century and is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in the city. This mosque is located near the Al-Mallah neighborhood, which was known as the Jewish Quarter in the past.

  • The Kasbah Mosque:

It is known as the Al-Manzari Mosque and it is considered one of the oldest mosques in the city.

  • The Kasbah of Sidi Al-Naziri:

This Kasbah is located in the northern part of the city of Tetouan, as it was an ancient place to observe external movements and commercial corridors, and this Kasbah was built in the 15th century.

  • The tomb of Sidi Abdel-Qader Al-Tabin:

This shrine is a kiss for all those seeking spiritual tourism all over the world, as this shrine is a shrine for the person who built the city specifically in the 12th century in the year 1170 AD, during the days of the Almohad rule of Morocco.

  • Watering the door of the sanctuary:

This watering can be found in the old city, and it is considered one of the largest public waterfalls in Tetouan, as it is characterized by its decoration that depends on the zellij, as it is intended by many tourists from all over the country.


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