Athens is famous for many wonderful shopping places through which the tourists can buy the most wonderful souvenirs, including those Athens Mall, Athens Central Market, Athens Metro Mall, Athens Heart Mall, Golden Hall Mall, Ammonia Markets, Monastiraki Market, and others, and these markets are One of the best commercial markets in Athens.

1. My Mall Athens

This mall is one of the unique places of its kind in Greece, as it is one of the largest malls there, which consists of 4 floors, and those floors include 200 shops, which have everything the visitor needs, and it is not only a shopping and gift center, but it is considered There is also a place for entertainment, and there are many places dedicated to this, and this mall is located in Marousi, Greece.

2. MCAr thur Glen Designer Outlet

This mall is one of the finest malls in Athens, due to the charming classic design that designed the mall, and this mall is located in an area called Spata where there are at least 125 stores from different stores, such as beauty shops, clothing stores, in addition to furniture stores And other stores, and the mall is not limited to the shops only, but when you visit the place you will be able to enjoy the most beautiful meals through the restaurants inside the mall, in addition to the high-end cafes.

3. Athens Metro Mall

If you want to go to the newest and most famous malls in Athens, you only need to go to the Athens Metro Mall, where it is located in the region of St. Dimitrios, and the mall consists of five floors, and those floors contain at least 90 stores from different stores, such as specialized stores selling accessories, and shops Selling clothes, shoe stores, and other different stores. There are also many other activities that can be done other than shopping, such as going to the cinemas inside the mall, and enjoying the most delicious foods inside the restaurants that are unique to the place. You can also enter the joy. On the hearts of your children from x Lal go to the entertainment places that are designated for children there, in addition to the supermarkets that have everything that a home needs.

4. Golden Hall Mall

There is this mall in an area called Marousi, specifically Kifisias Ave Street in Athens, and it is characterized as one of the most popular markets in Athens, and there are many different stores in addition to the various restaurants that are in it to satisfy all tastes.

5. Monastiraki Market

This market is located on Adriano Street in Athens, where it is very popular and popular with tourists due to the many shops and booths that tourists enjoy watching, in addition to the wonderful and unique handicrafts that the place offers, valuable antiques, and souvenirs that are among the most beautiful That the tourist buys it before returning to his country, and the mall also includes clothes shops, jewelry stores, and others, and the most important thing that distinguishes the place is its cheap prices that are unique to it only in other markets.

6. Central Market Athens

This market is one of the favorite markets for tourists, because when they visit this place they can see the most famous Greek food and habits, through their purchase of herbs, spices, and cheese to other things that Greece is famous for, and this market is not only one of the largest markets in Europe At all, this market sells vegetables and fruits, in addition to seafood, meat, and other foods, and there is also a group of popular foods that enable you to choose the type you prefer among many different types.

7. Mall of the Heart of Athens

Among the most important markets in which Athens is famous, and this mall is located between the streets of Chamosternas and pireos in Athens, and the place is characterized by its modern style that is unique to it, as it contains many different shops activities, such as furniture stores, clothing stores, accessory stores, and selling shops Shoes, and other various stores, and this mall is not limited to that only, but it has a cinema and entertainment venues, in addition to many restaurants and cafes that are distinguished in the mall.

8. Ammonia markets

Ammonia Square, this place is the owner of the largest commercial activity for the capital, and the Ammonia Square includes the most important markets in Athens, and the commercial markets are distinguished by this diversity and difference, when you visit the place you will see markets for packaged goods, and markets that are allocated for the communities that live in Athens, this In addition to food and food markets, there is also a group of different commercial complexes, and luxury and upscale stores that have the most famous international brands.

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