There are a lot of entertainment places in Qatar that are suitable for children and adults and work to bring joy and pleasure to them, especially in times of holidays.

Entertainment places in Qatar Entertainment in Qatar
Jungle Zone amusement park in Doha, Jungle Zone
Jungle Zone Theme Park in Doha
One of the well-known entertainment places in Doha is the Jungle Zoo. This theme park includes many games that suit children from the age of

Jungle Zoo in Qatar
3 years to the age of 13 years, and it contains many games that all children can spend the most beautiful times in. It includes many games, such as car rides, train rides, many video games, and simple games suitable for children from two years of age and many things
Jungle Zoo in Qatar
The entertainment that you will like and Jungle Zone is located in Hayah Plaza Mall Al-Waab Street – Al-Waab and its entry times start from 1 pm to 11 pm and the entry tickets prices are approximately between 40 Qatari riyals to 50 Qatari riyals
Places of entertainment and entertainment in Qatar
The city of Gondalena in Villagio Mall
The city of Gondalena in Flague Mall
One of the entertainment places in Doha is the city of Gondalena, which is located specifically in the Villaggio Mall, which is considered one of the most prestigious complexes in Qatar.
The city of Gondalena in Flague Mall
It includes many large games accompanied with an atmosphere of fun, sounds and effects that increase the magnificence of the place. Among the games are in Gondlinna, a collision car game, a missile game, children’s train, a bowling center, video games, places to view the cinema, and many exciting games for all ages, of course there are many From restaurants and cafes, in addition to many shops during your tour of the games city, it is a complete variety entertainment city that enters joy and happiness for everyone who visited it, whether it was the people of Qatar or tourists to it, it is located specifically in the city of Al Aziziyah, but as for the times of entry to it it opens Its gate is daily from nine in the morning to 11 at night. As for the holidays, the period extends to 12 at night. If you want to know more about amusing places for children in Doha as well, there is an animal park at a distance of 20 kilometers from Doha on Salwa Road. It contains many animals, reptiles, various birds and places for games For children, too, and in City Center Mall, there are also entertainment games for children, and in Aqua Park there are water games for adults and children, and the Royal Plaza Resort is there entertainment games for children only, and there is a garden close to the Flagio complex called the Asper Zone and Al Bida Park near the Corniche, and if you go in Tourism to Qatar Atnso visit the island Loloa which is one of the tourist places famous in Qatar and is located in the center of the sea, and includes many complexes, cafes and restaurants Everything is beautiful and fun Stjdonh in Qatar, which has become the tourist attraction that the convergence admired by many tourists because of its diversity and the beauty of their regions

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