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Qatar is one of the Arab countries, located in the east of the Arabian Peninsula in southwestern Asia, overlooking the Arabian Gulf, and Doha is the capital of the country, and it shares with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates from the southern side, and Kuwait has become a British protectorate In the aftermath of the Ottoman rule, and that was in the early twentieth century until it gained independence in 1971 AD, the ruling family has assumed the Al Thani family since the nineteenth century, and it has an area of ​​about 11 km, and is occupied by approximately two million two hundred and thirty-five thousand people according to the statistics of 2015.

Population of Qatar

Qatar is distinguished by the diversity of races and ethnicities on its lands of several Arab and Western nationalities, and the largest number of them are stationed in the city of Doha, and the Arabic language is the official language in Qatar, and the Islamic religion is the official religion in the country, and the system of government in the country is a constitutional hereditary system, and a ruler The state is Prince Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.

What is Qatar famous for?

The economic activity

Economic activity in the State of Qatar depends on the exploitation of oil materials, which caused the development of the financial and economic situation since the mid-eighties, where the largest natural gas field in the world was discovered in the Qatar region, which caused it occupying the second position among the countries of the world in terms of the largest gas reserves The natural sector, which led to the prosperity and growth of the industrial sector, as it now contains many light, medium, and heavy industries. This sector is concentrated in the industrial area, i.e. Mesaieed City, Ras Laffan City, and Doha Region.

touristical monuments

Qatar was distinguished by the development of its urban buildings, and the ancient and distinguished cultural heritage, which attracted large numbers of tourists, and these areas include:

=== Museum of Islamic Art ===

Contains a large number of Islamic artifacts, and distinctive, and rare paintings collected over 1400 years, this museum was created by the international designer IMB who designed the glass pyramid of the Louvre Museum.

Doha Corniche

This Corniche extends around an area of ​​seven kilometers, and it is considered one of the most important recreational areas in the city, as it attracts a large number of tourists and researchers for attractive areas, and it is considered one of the distinguished areas for hobby running, walking, skiing, and morning sports.

Standing market

This market is located a few minutes away from the Doha Corniche, which is one of the traditional markets in Doha, and it is an important place for shopping, and for those who want to taste traditional food, and watch the traditional and traditional architecture.

Falcon Market

This market is located next to the Souq Waqif, and attracts many falcon coaches, due to the wide range of tools that specialize in falcons.

Aspire Park

One of the ideal places for entertainment, picnics for families, and one of the largest parks in the Arabian Gulf, known as the Hyde Park Aspire, which is located next to the Aspire Sports Academy, contains large areas dedicated to fans of different sports such as: walking, as it contains the largest artificial lake where many live From living things like fish, and ducks.

The Pearl Qatar

A group of artificial islands located outside the city of Doha in the northern part, and contains the largest number of family restaurants, cafes, and the largest yacht gathering, and entertainment centers for children.

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