The most important tourist places in London

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London: The capital of the United Kingdom, the largest city in terms of population, and population density. The city of London is located in relation to the United Kingdom in the south-east, it is located in relation to England, in the southeast, and is located in relation to the continent of Europe in the northwest.

A river called the Thames passes through the city of London, and this river is the longest river in England, and the second longest river in the United Kingdom, with a length of (346) kilometers, or (215) miles, and this river is one of the most important tourist attractions Natural in the city of London; the Thames River is suitable for navigation, and it is used in the water transport that takes place by boats and ships, and some tourists who visit the city of London are touring this river, and many sports and recreational activities are conducted annually: such as: boat racing, Canoeing, and more.

London is one of the most important and famous tourist destinations in the world, as it is a destination for many tourists in the world, due to the large number of beautiful natural places, and the unique tourist attractions in it, which consist of ancient monuments, palaces, museums, towers, squares, and so on.

Tourist places in London

Among the famous attractions and places in the city of London:

  • Big Ben, or in English: (Big Ben), and this watch is one of the most prominent landmarks of the city of London, because of its age and attractiveness, it is more than a century and a half old, where it was created and opened in 1858 AD. Big Ben is located next to Westminster Palace, and it is officially called (Elizabeth Tower).
  • Palace of Westminster, or in English: (Palace of Westminster), and this palace is called by another name: (Houses of Parliament). This palace is the seat of the British House of Lords and the House of Commons, and both houses constitute the British House of Representatives. The history in which the Westminster Palace was established dates back to the nineteenth century, and this palace is an antique masterpiece.
  • Buckingham Palace, or in English: Buckingham House. This palace is the residence of the royal family in Britain, and this palace is one of the most important tourist attractions in London, where thousands of tourists visit it annually.
  • The British Museum, or in English: (British Museum), and this museum is the largest museum in the United Kingdom, and it is one of the oldest museums in the world. It was founded in 1753 AD, and the number of tourists who visit annually is more than six million tourists, and they numbered exactly according to Statistics for 2014: (6,701,043) tourists.
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