Information about Jeddah’s neighborhoods in detail, and we get closer to it to get to know it, as Jeddah is located in the west of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia specifically in the Hijaz Mountains along the sea, as its borders come with Egypt and Eritrea, while Jordan and Yemen are located north and south of Jeddah, it is the main port in the center of Hijaz. It is called the dynasty or the grandmother, as it has many tourist and entertainment places that attract tourists, commercial markets and areas for fashion, and there is the King Fahd Museum and Fountain which reaches 312 meters, so what are the neighborhoods of Jeddah rich and poor, provided to you by Arab travelers through this article, Follow us.

Revive his grandfather in detail

Jeddah is famous for its commercial areas and its view of the sea, as it is about half an hour away from Makkah, we may find that Jeddah’s neighborhoods are divided into three sections, the northern, central and southern neighborhoods, and the following is a detailed presentation of these neighborhoods:

Northern neighborhoods of Jeddah

  • Al-Basatin neighborhood or Al-Basatin scheme

It is located in the north of Jeddah, and it is also divided into three sections, they are Al-Basateen District 1, Al-Basateen District 2 and it is in the north of Al-Ayah Square, west of the Royal Hall Bridge, Al-Basateen District 3 and it is called Al-Mahmoudiya. Khalid Al-Faisal, as well as it has the best residential complexes such as the Al-Humaidhi Villas Complex, in addition to that there is the famous mall located on Prince Sultan Street, in addition to that it has distinctive designs and the Mosque of Sayyida Aisha, which was designed in a pyramidal form, and has a unique fitness time club One of a kind in the Kingdom.

  • Al-Rehaili neighborhood

Al-Rehaili neighborhood was known by this name in relation to Al-Rehaili station or the streets of the good neighborhood. Also, this neighborhood is located in the north of Jeddah, and it is one of the most prestigious and distinguished neighborhoods where the villas abound and work is underway to improve some services and raise their efficiency such as street lighting work on sewage repair, desalination Water, the introduction of internet networks, the asphalt and its sidewalks, and the residents of the airport workers live, if we find that the Al-Rehaili neighborhood is divided into schemes and they are Khaled A Plan, Khalid Plan “B”, Sitar Al-Lehyani Plan, Al Khair Plan, Al-Mabrouk Plan, University Planner A, B Finally 52nd Street.

  • Al Khaldiyeh neighborhood

Although it is one of the modern modesty that was established fifteen years ago in Mecca, it has become one of modesty inhabited by pilgrims, since it is 300 meters away from Makkah Al-Mukarramah, and it is also one of the most attractive neighborhoods for visitors because of its many services such as providing electricity and sanitation Water desalination, educational buildings, gas stations, parks and parks, in addition to that it includes many shops that offer the most beautiful exhibits and serve the entire region.

  • Beach neighborhood

It is one of the northern neighborhoods of Jeddah, where many projects include beautiful parks overlooking the sea.

  • Coral neighborhood

It is one of the most prominent neighborhoods, as it contains important palaces such as King Abdullah Abdul Aziz Palace.

  • Other neighborhoods in northern Jeddah

  • Al-Safa neighborhood
  • Al-Marwa neighborhood
  • Al-Bawadi Neighborhood
  • Nozha neighborhood
  • Knoll neighborhood
  • Rawda area
  • Safety neighborhood
  • Naeem neighborhood
  • Neighborhood of nahda
  • Muhammadiyah neighborhood
  • Sailed neighborhood

The neighborhoods of central Jeddah

We show you the most important neighborhoods in the center of Jeddah, and a profile of the most important of those neighborhoods, we follow.

  • Al-Faiha neighborhood and Al-Naseem neighborhood

They are from the neighborhoods of Jeddah, where they are part of the old airport.

  • Al-Rehab neighborhood

It is one of the neighborhoods of Jeddah, where it is located in the central region of it, as it has many schools.

  • Country district

It is one of the most active and most popular tourist neighborhoods, because it includes the ancient tourist and historical areas.

  • Hamra district

It is one of the most important central neighborhoods, as it is located in the headquarters of the Saudi government in Jeddah specifically in the Peace Palace.

  • Andalus neighborhood

It is also one of the most important central neighborhoods in Jeddah, because of its foreign consulates.

  • Mishrifah neighborhood

It has the oldest and oldest Gulf club, Al Ittihad.

Other neighborhoods in the center of Jeddah

  • Ruby neighborhood
  • Al-Thaghr neighborhood
  • University neighborhood
  • Alnaseem neighborhood
  • Al-Baghdadiyah District
  • Sulaymaniyah neighborhood
  • Bani Malik neighborhood
  • The newspaper neighborhood
  • Eastern and western Baghdadiya district.
  • Zizia neighborhood
  • Al-Ruwais neighborhood
  • Palm neighborhood
  • Kandara neighborhood

Southern neighborhoods of Jeddah

There are many neighborhoods in Jeddah, to the south, and the most famous of them are:

  • Royal Nazla neighborhood
  • In this neighborhood there are many famous royal palaces.
  • Al-Jawhara Neighborhood
  • This neighborhood is located in the south of Jeddah, and we find Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal Stadium.
  • Justice district
  • Prince Abdul Majeed neighborhood model
  • Prince Fawaz neighborhood
  • Quarry neighborhood
  • Al-Thaalba District
  • Petromin neighborhood
  • Gurayat neighborhood
  • Al-Sabeel neighborhood
  • Gurayat neighborhood
  • Al-Hindawiyah District
  • Former Saudis neighborhood
  • Waziriya neighborhood
  • Madaen Fahd neighborhood.
  • Neighborhood parks
  • Al-Ajaweed neighborhood
  • The Oasis neighborhood
  • Eastern Nazla neighborhood

New eastern neighborhoods in Jeddah

There are three new neighborhoods, including Al-Samer, King Fahd and Al-Manar, and below we show them a brief summary:

  • Al-Manara neighborhood

It is a new modesty in which all services, wedding halls and villas are available.

  • King Fahd neighborhood

It is a commercial neighborhood with many shops.

  • Samer neighborhood

It is the neighborhood that contains many multiple residential areas in addition to the Jeddah International Club.
We gave you a quick review of the most important of those cities that are located in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, which stands out in its three neighborhoods, in addition to the new eastern neighborhoods.

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