An information guide on the names of sweet places in Riyadh for married couples, many married people search for the best places to spend the most enjoyable times with their loved ones, in order to have fun and so that those times remain permanently throughout the memory, which is what we will present to you today through the travelers website Arabs are nice places in Riyadh for married couples.

Sweet places in Riyadh for married couples

Among the most beautiful places that we advise married couples to go to the following:

Supreme Park

Olaya Garden or what is called the farm garden as a result of it contains many beautiful dense trees and green spaces that catch the eye, and there are places designated for families that have been covered by families to protect them from the sunlight and so that they can spend the best times with their family in an entertaining and beautiful atmosphere, and we find that the garden There is a group of entertaining and exciting games suitable for children. It also contains a playground dedicated to football sports so that children can enjoy. With the advent of the night, the place becomes romantic and suitable for married couples because of the quiet lighting that fills the place and the fountain that lights up at night and is located in Mint. In the garden, and the garden here kidnap attention and become the most beautiful.

Salam Park, Riyadh

When you and your family feel bored and want to spend a fun and beautiful time with them, you have to go to the Peace Park of Riyadh, which is more than wonderful, it is one of the most popular places for married couples to spend the most beautiful and most enjoyable times, as the park includes a lake characterized by its large size, there is a group of fish that attracts attention And make you feel fun and surprise that you can sit by the lake until you enjoy this magical scene, in addition to a group of bubbles that excite your curiosity and motivate you to experience the fun.
There are also several boats at Salam Park in Riyadh that are suitable for children, families and singles, so that you can have a new and enjoyable tour. There are also entertainment cities with games to ensure that children have more fun and enjoyment, in addition to places for walking.

Deira Park

In the Deira neighborhood, you will find the pleasant Deira Park that many married people go to in order to spend a beautiful and unique time in their family, and we find that Deira is surrounded by several heritage ruins, such as old houses, and there is a mosque in the park so you can perform the five assumptions.

Recreational places in Riyadh for families

There are several distinct places of entertainment suitable for families, the following are the most famous:

King Abdullah Park

In the Al-Malaz neighborhood in Riyadh, King Abdullah Park is located and it is one of the most important and best parks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the park is characterized by a large area and therefore there are 5 gates, and the park also has a large green space that attracts attention to it and a large fountain dancer with amazing laser technology, which can From making many beautiful and different shapes on the water in multiple colors, which makes you feel fun, that repulsion begins dancing after the Maghrib prayer, and the park has open spaces dedicated to entertaining shows, and to ensure that your children will fully enjoy the work of the park on allocating places for bike rides Spyware to skiing, and there is a large garden area containing flowers distinctive colors coordinated exquisitely snatched hearts before the eyes and also several drawings and creative designs.


One of the most important and prominent places that Riyadh Region is distinguished for, and tourists come to it from various places. The Zoo is located in Al-Malaz District on Al-Ahsa Road. The park includes a large group of different animals and birds, and they number at least 164 types, which will make you feel enjoyment and enjoyment. We find that the park is distinguished by providing all the services and requirements Which you can need, then we find a group of fine restaurants that offer delicious and delicious foods, and the garden is easily accessible in addition to shops and commercial markets.

Wadi Namar Park

Wadi Namar Park or Wadi Sad is one of the best tourist places in Riyadh that are suitable for families, and we find that the park has a lake of 200,000 square meters and a corniche surrounding the lake of two kilometers in length, and there are beautiful palm trees scattered around the lake, which makes visitors enjoy those views Picturesque natural and pleasant atmosphere, in addition to the seating places that fit the floating families and overlook the lake until you enjoy the view of the scenic view, and there are several dirt paths of length 892 meters that pass through the rocky areas and rock formations and the water channel until you practice irrigation This walk is fun, and the park also provides car parking for 800 cars.

Tourist places in Riyadh for families

The best sweet places in Riyadh for the following married couples:

Al Rawda Park

It is one of the best parks that married people go to for recreation and spend a special time in Al Rawda Park as it is one of the best tourist places in Riyadh located in Al Rawda neighborhood east of Riyadh, and we find that the garden area reaches 70,000 square meters, so we find that it contains a great entertainment city interesting And entertaining suits children and women suitable for all ages, and the garden includes several green areas that enable you to shower and entertain with all pleasure, in addition to the theater that offers various and distinctive activities and programs and several purposeful presentations, lectures and seminars, all of which makes Al Rawda Park one of the favorite places of many married N.

Al Diriyah Park

In the Al-Buhairi district in Riyadh is the Diriyah Park, which is one of the most important and best places that attract tourists from all countries to spend the most enjoyable and special times, as the park is characterized by landmarks and natural landscapes such as dense trees, palms and the most beautiful flowers, in addition to several artificial landmarks such as waterfalls and the vast lake that has Several safe boats suitable for children and there are boats for families and others dedicated to singles and during your tour in the lake you will enjoy seeing the fish of attractive and beautiful colors that make you feel the beauty of God’s will

And by that we have presented you with a list of sweet places in Riyadh for married couples.

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