Istanbul is the number one tourist destination for most tourists around the world and for lovers of roaming and travel, as it is a wonderful opportunity to explore the rest of the tourist cities and beautiful regions in the state of Turkey and learn about the magnificence of the town and its beauty and we will talk to Arab travelers about the most beautiful tourist places that are near Istanbul and features Each of them.

The best and nearest tourist places from Istanbul:

  • Silivri:

It is considered one of the most famous tourist areas in the state of Turkey and it is located close to the capital, it will take only an hour and a half by car to reach the Silivri, which enjoys beautiful rural nature in addition to the distinctive views of the Marmara Sea, as many tourists go to the neighborhood in order to enjoy With calm and relaxation by relaxing on the dazzling beach away from the noise of the main Turkish cities, if you are a fan of exploration, and looking forward to the new, the neighborhood will be an ideal opportunity to learn more about the history of Turkey as it contains the Peri Pasha Mosque, the famous castle, in addition to the Silivri Bridge that enjoys Big cat lovers among tourists for walking.

  • Edirne:

It can be reached through the behavior of the northeastern road from the capital Istanbul, and it usually takes only two hours by car or bus, and it is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world and it suffices to mention that it was the capital of the great Ottoman Empire for a long time. It is the secret that the city is full of interesting monuments, but a week is enough to visit all the monuments in Edirne from the Eski Kami Mosque, the Muradiye Mosque, and the Selimiye Mosque in addition to visiting the Great Macedonian Tower, and enjoy a picnic with the family in the parks or visit the comfortable natural beaches in order to take Sunbathing, it is well known from the city that it is very clean and wonderful beaches, and it is the secret of tourists coming from everywhere to visit, so don’t forget to do this on your next trip.

  • Market :

It is located to the northwest of the country, and it is located at a simple distance from the Sea of ​​Marmara. It is located in the middle of Istanbul and Ankara. You can visit the archaeological sites in Bursa from Ottoman mosques that enjoy a unique design, or visit the city’s markets in order to buy necessities, clothes and souvenirs in order not to forget the beauty of the city or the severity of its sophistication.

  • Candera:

It is one of the impressive tourist destinations that are located close to the capital, it will only take an hour to reach it, it enjoys a lot of tranquility, which allows you to gain more energy and purify your souls, and it enjoys clean water coasts in addition to many wonderful monuments, especially on an island Kafkan is known for its high walls and huge fortresses.

  • Igna Ada:

If you are looking for heaven on earth, you have reached your goal, where you will find great harmony between the wonderful green spaces without end or restriction. The Igna Ada region is known for its natural beauty, beaches, and impressive waterfalls.

  • Princesses Islands :

You can go to the islands of the dazzling princesses to enjoy a summer vacation in a world of fantasy and dreams, the beaches are very impressive and there are many coasts with manor melodies and many recreational activities can be done in them such as the tour of the Al-Hantour that most tourists prefer in addition to trips that take place in luxury boats.

The most beautiful rural areas of Turkey:

  • Agfa Istanbul:

There is a distance of one hundred kilometers from the capital, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the impressive view of the Black Sea from Agfa, the place is characterized by a great purity of the air and the beauty of the irresistible view, in addition to the intensity of the beauty of the coast and many areas that you will want to explore and learn more about, such as the area of ​​Galen and the coasts Koyo.

  • Sapanca Lake:

It is the best opportunity to enjoy the picturesque nature amid an idyllic atmosphere with beautiful clean beaches and dazzling natural trees. You can also relax on both sides of the beach or sail on boat trips to explore the beauty and splendor of Turkey.

  • Riva:

It is considered one of the most beautiful rural areas in Turkey, it is a coastal village that enjoys a friendly atmosphere and a very convenient place to spend holidays, it can be considered the best place to fish, go on a picnic, or watch the sunset differently from Riva Castle, which is one of the best castles ever for the view The natural attraction for tourists.

  • Polanskoy Village:

If you have felt weary of crowded cities and overpopulation, make this village your next destination, and it is also called the Polish village and derives this name because it was in the foot a Polish colony of the Ottomans. Because it is originally Polish, many people speak Polish.

  • Karakli Village:

It is the best place to enjoy the picturesque nature and the refreshing atmosphere in the summer and spring, as it is characterized by the beauty of nature among the huge trees and waterfalls, which will increase the beauty of your visit to Turkey. In addition to the beauty of the landscapes in which you will find many cute wild animals that will not harm you permanently and you will enjoy playing with them, you can have a famous Turkish coffee and enjoy its unique views of the pure water or eat an unforgettable Turkish breakfast and the village is full of many tourist attractions dating back to the Ottoman era that cross On the extent of their proficiency in architecture and drawing motifs and inscriptions creatively and uniquely.

  • Juliazi Village:

It is known about the abundance of antique roman houses, as it includes more than five hundred ancient Rumi homes, and the history of the establishment of this house dates back more than 450 years, making it one of the monuments that attract tourists from all sides, as the buildings are prepared with a lot of craftsmanship, luxury and excellent materials to be able to From the steadfastness with the dawn of time, until today the Romen houses still retain their first form and strong pillars, which increases the beauty and attractiveness of the village and in relation to its location it is located on the coast of a lake called Olopat in Cyprus, near the capital Istanbul and is part of one of the largest part in the country.
One of the activities that can be done in fishing is that you will be able to enjoy the appearance of clear water and the birds hovering around you in the vast sky. The village is surrounded on all sides by many comfortable olive trees for the same as there are many houses that were built for tourists who come to the village It is made of materials that stand up to the extreme heat and freezing cold.

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