The reason for building the Great Wall of China

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Great Wall of China

Throughout the ages, man has been able to construct many impressive buildings and castles that left a mark in the history of mankind. Man was exploiting the elements he finds to leave his mark, accomplishment and civilization to the civilizations coming after him, and those elements were not readily available as is the case now, in building some buildings Man used to move stones on his back to reach them to the place of construction, or he used animals in it, as illustrated by drawings on the walls of these buildings, but many people consider the Great Wall of China to be one of the most buildings that surprised civilizations, because of its length and strength of construction, which kept it to the N exists, and is visited by millions of visitors annually.

The reason for building the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China was built in the third century BC and its construction process continued for a long period of time, and the reason for its construction was to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire from aggressions, so the reason is purely military, it consists of an integrated defense system and many barracks, forts and watchtowers, as it contains On a channel to drain rain water on top.

One of the strange ideas that was circulating in that period is that the demons go in straight lines, so the wall was built in a jagged way, as the wall was built to drive out the demons as well.

Geography of the Great Wall of China

Historians differed in determining the exact length of the fence, as a group agreed that its length reaches 6,700 kilometers, and some believe that it reaches 8,850 kilometers, and when calculating the parts that were destroyed over the years, its length reaches 21,196 kilometers, while the width of the wall ranges from five to Seven meters, and the height ranges between five to seventeen meters.
The materials that were used to build the fence differ according to the region in which the fence was built, as the fence extends over large areas, including deserts, valleys, cliffs, mountains, and meadows, as it extends from the Yellow Sea in the east to the Gobi Desert in the west, and the builders have used stones The locality is not resistant to weather conditions in desert areas, while they used harsh soil and unburned bricks in dirt areas.
During the Ming Dynasty, the builders used hard stones and rough rocks in the construction, as what was built in that period is considered better than the previous ones, and many of the ruling families passed on the Chinese Empire during the period of building the wall, some of them took care of it and repaired it and completed its construction, and some of them neglected it and destroyed it Large portions of it.

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