Crete is the jewel of the Greek islands. It is not only the largest, but also has historical and cultural significance and forms an important part of tourism in Greece.

Between the vineyards and olive groves, tourists in Crete find a peaceful retreat for a perfect vacation, indulging in its relaxing climate and enjoying its enchanting attractions.

Crete has many attractions to visit this summer and spend an enjoyable family holiday, so we reveal to you the beauty of Crete.

Crete has a large group of picturesque beaches, this giant island located in the Aegean Sea loved by the creator with a group of beaches of enchanting beauty.

Crete beaches are characterized by diversity, some of them are rocky, some are sandy, some have a warm climate and others have a hot and humid climate.

At the same time, the beaches of Crete differ according to your interests, there are loud beaches where music, evening and other quiet beaches for relaxation and fun.

The temperate climate dominates Crete, as most times of the year the island enjoys a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius even in the hot summer months, making it a summer tourist haven.

Although Crete lost many of its historical landmarks during the great earthquake that struck the region 4,000 years ago, it still retains some of the Greek historical monuments.

Crete has witnessed several chapters of the history of ancient Greece, and the ruins of Knossos Palace may reveal some features of life in the era of the Greeks.

Like every ancient country that enjoys ancient civilization, there is an ancient town in Crete, which is the city of Chania, which is full of old houses, paved stone land and traditional markets, which is a main destination for visitors to Crete.

You can also visit Spinalonga, a small island of Crete filled with historical monuments such as the doors of the old castle and Ottoman stone houses.

There are many Ottoman monuments in Crete, due to the period in which the Ottomans occupied the island, and also contain many Byzantine monuments belonging to Romen rule.

As for nature in Crete, it can draw you to a different world of pleasure. There are giant waterfalls, well-established mountains, and amazing rock formations.

Photography enthusiasts can take many enchanting scenes at the beaches of Crete, where giant rocks dating back thousands of years embrace the beach in a magnificent view.

Visitors can also spend quality time in the National Natural Park on Crete, which is several miles of unspoiled nature between mountains and waterfalls.

You should also not miss the opportunity to visit the scenic Lake Kournas, which is the most important landmark in Crete.

Water sports enthusiasts will find their way to this charming island, where they can enjoy diving, coral reef, surfing and fishing.

Otherwise, Crete is an ideal location for Mediterranean food lovers and fine dining, as Crete has a unique and distinct taste in the food field and locals consider food as part of their culture.

The magic of sunset on Crete
The magic of sunset on Crete

Remains of Konosos' palace in Crete

Remains of Konosos Palace in Crete

The old castle in Crete
The old castle in Crete

The scenic nature and beaches of Crete
The scenic nature and beaches of Crete

The old town overlooks the harbor
The old town overlooks the harbor

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