Termal is known for its hot mineral springs that originate from the top of Termal Hill since the Romen era, where the water temperature in these springs ranges between 55 – 65 degrees Celsius.
Yalova baths in Termal is located southwest of the city of Yalova and is 12 km away. The road to it is easy and clear, and you only have to follow the instruction boards.

The best activities in Termal Yalova Village

• You can visit the therapeutic hot springs in Termal baths in Yalova in order to recover from several diseases or to obtain rest and recuperation in one of its hot baths. Among the most famous of these baths we mention:
Sultan Valide Banyo’s mother bath
It is a bathroom that includes two separate sections, one for women only and one for men. It contains an indoor pool, sauna and steam room. This bath was built in the fourth century by the Byzantine Emperor Constantine in the town of Yalova, it was named after it was restored by the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Majid II and used by his mother for the purpose of treatment.

Sultan Valide Banyo's mother bath is one of the best Termal baths in Yalova, the village famous for its hot springs, Termal Yalova

Sultan Banyo Hammam
It is an old bath in Yalova Termal that includes family rooms with a small bathtub, and is considered one of the best Yalova baths.

The Sultan Banyo Hammam is one of the most important Yalova Termal baths, and it is one of the historical Yalmal Termal baths

Lead bath Kurşunlu Banyo
Among the well-known Yalova Termal baths, the name of the bath dates back to its lead dome, which is a mixed bath for women and men that includes a jacuzzi and sauna and has an outdoor pool and private family rooms.

Yalova Termal baths in Yalova Get to know the Termal Yalova village, the most famous tourist place in Yalova

• The village of Termal is characterized by its picturesque nature and it is a great place to take a walk in the company of the family. It also includes many distinctive restaurants where you can have a delicious meal in the midst of the wonderful atmosphere.
• You can visit the Sudoshan waterfall near the region in Yalova, about 9 km from the village, which is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the region.

The best of Yalova Termal

Termal Elite Hotel, one of the best hotels in Yalova Termal, is located in the city center of Yalova.
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Green Termal Hotel, rated 3 stars and one of the best hotels in Yalova Termal, is located in the center of Termal Village.
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Termal Hammamet Yalova Village website

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