Emirates offers each lover what is different and distinct, and therefore unique experiences. On this topic, we will try to discover the underwater worlds of Dubai.

Atlantis, The Palm

This hotel will provide different underwater experiences. First it includes the largest water park in the Middle East in addition to an aquarium and an underwater maze. It is a hotel complex that offers all the luxury amenities and is ideal for all family members. But what we care about is the underwater experiences it provides.
Lost Rooms – The Lost Chambers Aquarium

The basin provides a unique opportunity in mazes and underwater tunnels on an adventure to explore the lost civilization of Atlantis. There you will find yourself surrounded by marine life on an amazing stroll through the glass tunnels as sharks, stingrays, piranhas and sea horses roam around you.
Underwater tunnels are the beginning, as you will be introduced to amazing types of marine animals in 10 rooms. There are more than 20 exhibitions of marine creatures. You can take part in the behind the scenes tour and join the experts who will reveal all the secrets and you can even help to feed some marine creatures.
You can just watch, dive, experience the adventure of a lifetime, and communicate directly with amazing marine creatures.

Underwater wings
How about sleeping underwater in a luxurious suite with windows extending from ceilings to floors overlooking a lake with more than 65,000 marine creatures? What is unique about this stay is that this suite comes with attractive offers, reservation in any of the seven distinct Atlantis suites includes free services such as free transportation to and from the airport, swimming with dolphins in the bay of dolphins and a free massage session for two.

Aquaventure Waterpark
Also, within Atlantis, The Palm, there is a unique experience for those who want to experience an underwater world, but they do not know diving. As special helmets are designed to enable anyone who does not have diving skills to explore the aquatic life and Lake Shark … it is an adventure similar to safari, but underwater.
The clamshell Burj Al Arab

Eating underwater is an experience that gives you the right to talk about it for many years. This restaurant is not only amazing in terms of being inside an aquarium, but also in terms of the food that is served, as is known, Burj Al Arab sets standards for hospitality, which is the highest. The restaurant is run by several award-winning Nathan Atlo, including the Michelin Star, and can be accessed in the traditional way or after a short tour of the submarine.
Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

The Dubai Mall is a breathtaking experience. The Dubai Aquarium tunnel provides a viewing angle of 270 degrees, as the Aquarium displays over 300 species of marine animals. The Aquatic Zoo is located above the aquarium and provides information and interactive explanation about aquatic ecology. The park consists of 3 areas, rainforests, rocky beaches, and the ocean world, and each region features a different group of aquatic animals.
Scuba diving … exploring beneath the surface of the Gulf Sea

There are many licensed centers that deal with professional instructors that enable you to explore the depths of the sea. Atlantis Dive Center is ideal for amateurs and includes a number of professional diving instructors and the best equipment, including closed basins for beginners.
A journey to extract the pearls with Major Ali Saqr Sultan Al-Suwaidi. The journey will begin on a traditional heritage boat and then you will make an unforgettable trip to extract the shellfish.
Sky and Sea Adventures provides you with an opportunity to explore the wrecks of sunken ships in the Arabian Gulf. Many adventures, whether on speed boats or even skydiving, and so will move from sky adventures to the depths of the seas.
Dubai Pearl

It is the largest sustainable tourism site in the underwater world. Designed in the form of a lost ancient city, the revelation is derived from adventure and science fiction movies, foremost of which are avatar Pirates of the Caribbean. Swimmers and divers, regardless of their age and level of diving, will be able to see the location from the surface of the sea through surface diving, or explore what is in the depths by diving away under the water.

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