Subject to the Creek Park, the Creek Park is one of the most prominent landmarks of Dubai, as it is an important destination for the city’s residents in order to entertain themselves and spend time away from the troubles of daily life, as this park is attributed to it a great credit in increasing the activity of domestic tourism in the emirate, as it has a place Large among the rest of the Emirates Gardens in its various emirates, it is one of the largest parks in the emirate, as it provides visitors with a unique and integrated experience of entertainment and joy, it is suitable for all groups and ages, as it is not only a vast green space but also an integrated fun world that provides a lot of entertainment experiences Of such Amadmarat cars, cable cars, beaches and scenic golf courses and offers attractive bird and city child as well as the Dubai Dolphinarium offers you more details on Arab travelers.

Creek Park:

The Creek Park is one of the largest parks in Dubai that opened in 1994, and is characterized by its huge area of ​​96 hectares and is known for its wonderful tourist beauty. The park is located in the heart of the old city specifically on Riyadh Street, and is one of the oldest public parks in Dubai and still enjoys great popularity until the present time, and is considered It is a popular place for families to spend the weekend, as it is characterized by its cold atmosphere, where there are many greenery and plants with paths and mazes of nature, so there are areas designated for barbecue and there are areas dedicated to children’s games in various parts of the garden.
Thanks to the distinguished location of the park on the banks of the famous Dubai Creek, it provides a distinct recreational experience where recreation and tranquility are far from the hustle and bustle of Dubai, beside that the park provides a wonderful calm environment between the clear sky of Dubai and the greenery of the garden in addition to the skyscrapers and Dubai towers that are located in the background of the park, and activities vary in the park where the activities Mobility, hiking, recreational and artistic events, and many adventures, as visitors can rent bikes, take a suspended cable car tour that rises from the ground around 30 meters, or wander through the botanical gardens, meadows, and enjoy the parties. Outdoor grill downtown, next to the availability of this racetrack Karting and golf course for children and spaces.

The most important services provided by Creek Park:

Cable car service:

As the park is famous for the presence of many hanging carts, and works to attract many visitors in order to enjoy seeing the wonderful views of Dubai, as garden visitors take off from the cable car station located near the main restaurant of the park in order to enjoy a wonderful tour from Al Garhoud Bridge to Bridge Al Maktoum.

Children’s games services:

There are many services available for children in Al Khor Park, such as bicycle rental services, and the Children’s City also provides them, which is one of the first educational cities specially prepared for children starting from two years to 15 years, in order to encourage children to explore and research while playing, As it was specifically designed for children to practice their hobbies, this children’s city contains a number of departments such as the space and nature section, the planetarium and communications section and a section dedicated to displaying the components of the children’s body, as well as providing a section for peoples ’lives and cultures, scientific educational workshops are provided and many are provided N entertainment programs that offer the city’s theater for children.
Within the children’s city, there are many facilities and services such as a maternity room, a chapel for women and men, Wi-Fi, a café, strollers, and a luggage storage room, as well as wheelchair service.

Dubai Dolphinarium:

It is considered the first closed water basin in the Middle East and was opened in 2008, as it is fully air-conditioned and has an area of ​​about 5000 m 2, and provides its visitors with a wonderful entertainment experience through the offers of dolphins and seals for them as they dance, play with the ball and jump across the hoops, along with the availability of Dolphins evening performances throughout the year, which include some acrobatic water games and some visual tricks, in addition to that it has a wonderful maze.

The most important facilities and services that are provided to visitors of the park:

  • Creek Park provides many public facilities.
  • Providing cruise services.
  • Providing barbecue service and providing areas for excursions.
  • Children games are available throughout the park.
  • Free parking is provided.
  • Providing many chapels for men and women.
  • Providing many canteens and restaurants.
  • The provision of bicycles, and the rental of bicycles is either the municipality’s charge of renting the bicycles and they have specific prices which are 20 dirhams for the small class and 30 dirhams for large bicycles, or the bicycles renting to the investor and their prices are according to the type of bike.

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