Certainly there are many Arabs who resort to travel and tourism during Ramadan.
That holy month, in which hearts converge, and love and intimacy prevail.
There are some cities that make you feel the traditional atmosphere of Ramadan.
And it comes to the fact that you like to spend one or two nights in Ramadan in this city.
The reason is due to the different atmosphere of spirituality, and the joy with which the people of Medina greet you during the holy month.
But in order to enjoy this new experience, you must know some advice in order to live the entire experience.

Tips while traveling during Ramadan tourism:

1- Due to the heavy crowd, try to reach the place at least two hours or an hour before breakfast.
So go to your destination well in advance, so as not to experience delay. 2. We recommend that you eat breakfast in a traditional restaurant, or a popular tent.
This will add more joy and joy to you, especially if you are with your family. And do not forget to take souvenir photos before starting breakfast.

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3- Do not forget to treat the local people well, as some skirmishes may occur from some of the residents or service providers to you, such as a waiter.
But remember, you are fasting, and perhaps people are in nervous pressure because of the high temperature. 4 - Do not forget if you visit the popular markets, you will see different types of sellers, and you will feel the scent of history. What adds to your trip more joy and joy.
Adornment, colors, and children's delight are enough to bring back the tape of your memories and childhood in this holy month. 5 - Do not forget to follow the opening and closing times of tourist places during the month of Ramadan. Often these times change.
The same will apply to shops, banks, and service centers.
But the usual and expected thing is that most of these places operate with their full forces after the breakfast period. Except for government places, of course.

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6- Do not forget to perform the Tarawih prayer in one of the large mosques, which are crowded with worshipers.
Certainly in the month of Ramadan, entering your mosque is completely different from entering it at any other time.
Be aware that this will add more joy to you, and may even make you gain more new friends.7- Do not forget to follow the marketing offers and discounts before you come to the city you love to visit.
It is something that requires you to do more research and follow-up so that you can get the most appropriate prices in your reservations for hotels or restaurants.

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