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Salzburg Cathedral

Salzburg Cathedral is located in the Dumplatz region near the monastery of St. Peter, and this cathedral was originally built over Romen ruins in 767, then destroyed and rebuilt several times, and the final refurbishment of the cathedral was in 1959 AD, and it is famous for many landmarks, such as The baptismal font in which Mozart was baptized, in addition to the many large gates built by the sculptors: Manzil, Matare, and Manzo, and the arches that were designed by Giovanni Antonio Dario can be seen in 1660 AD.

Hohen Salzburg Castle

The Hohen Salzburg Castle is located in the southeast of the summit of Munsburg in Salzburg, and the original castle was built in 1077 AD, and the castle’s history currently dates back to the early sixteenth century, and this castle can be reached after walking for twenty minutes from the old city center, and one of the most prominent monuments found There are many defensive gates in this castle, and a crane dating back to 1504 AD that was used to transport supplies, as well as a large courtyard, and St. George’s Church.

Residences Square

The Residenzplatz square is located in the heart of Salzburg’s old town, on the left bank of the Salzac River, and it is one of the largest squares in the city, and the best place to explore many of the city’s sights. This square is also famous for a Baroque fountain carved by an italyn sculptor In 1661, which is fifteen meters in height, some time can be spent in cafes, terraces, and shops lining the streets adjacent to this square.

Nature House Museum

The House of Nature Museum (in English: Haus der Natur Museum) is one of the most famous interactive museums that can spend fun times in it, as it contains many comprehensive and interactive exhibitions on many topics, such as: space, energy, technology, and music, in addition to containing A fishbowl and a reptile house. This museum also houses a café that serves the best breakfasts throughout the day.

Untertsberg mountain range

The Untersberg mountain range can be visited by riding a cable car across the valley located next to these mountains, where the top of these mountains is famous for panoramic views of the Alps, Bavaria, Salzburg, and lakes located in the Salzkammergut National Park, and the peaks are distinguished These mountains accumulate snow in the winter, and therefore the possibility of skiing until the bottom of the mountain until reaching a nearby village.

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