A guide to the most beautiful places of Zell am See, we offer you a comprehensive tourist schedule that includes the best unique tourist places in Zell am See, this city that resembles in its beauty paradise and which fascinates all tourism in the regions that God has endowed for it and here are the most important details for Arab travelers.

Tourist schedule in Zell am See:

Zell am See is one of the most beautiful small cities that exist in Austria, and it is ranked second among the best tourist destinations in the world after Vienna, thanks to the charming nature in the city of water springs, waterfalls and green spaces.
We will take you to a trip to the most important tourist places in the city, and the advantages of each tourist destination:

Elizabeth Zell am See Park:

  • There is Elizabeth Park in Zell am See on the bank of the city lake and within walking distance of the train station, and it is one of the most tranquil places, which enjoys an unparalleled dazzling nature.
  • The park offers many excellent services as it contains places for walking and other bicycles and is the best place, to avoid the noise of the city and relax and meditate.
  • The park is known for the beauty of the green nature found everywhere, and it is varied in its forms where you will find pans containing many flowers in many colors, which are found on the bank of the lake, making it a great place to take a picnic with the family.

The old quarter of Zell am See:

  • The old quarter contains a lot of ancient places, and impressive murals, which is a favorite destination for many tourists.
  • The old quarter is one of the most beautiful destinations that you should definitely visit, especially if you love art, and the wall paintings that you will find throughout the neighborhood are extremely beautiful, and you will spend a lot of time meditating on them, as it contains a lot of archaeological places on top of which are the antique church and the door the old.
  • But if you are a fan of walking around, the streets in the old quarter are interesting for meditation, and there are places designated for bicycles, and it will be great to walk in the morning away from the crowds and noise in the neighborhood at noon.

Family Land Zell am See:

It is one of the best tourist places suitable for families and youth tourism as it contains many games, which are suitable for adults and children and are very safe.
Family Park is 45 minutes from the city center, it contains a lot of interesting games and water games and it is equipped with a small zoo to take the most beautiful pictures with your favorite animal.
Things to do in Family Park:

  • Do not miss a fast train ride with your children, or take a stroll in the parks located in the park, where you will find many entertainment places.
  • If you want to add more excitement and excitement to your journey, you should try the Avocado, which will take you to the strongest and highest places, and then drop you dramatically quickly.
  • You can also have a rest and relaxation in the sand caves that were formed from the sand taken from the Dead Sea, which is one of the quiet areas that will make you feel a lot of love, while listening to music and logo lighting in a very beautiful atmosphere.
  • In Family Park there is a section for young children, equipped with various interesting games; Water in the Dead Sea also has many benefits, including treatment of allergies and chest problems.
  • You can climb the heights where there are private closed halls that contain a lot of tracks to suit different abilities, and they will provide you with equipment that will help you climb and help you do so, professionally.

Carmel Falls:

  • One of the most beautiful places that you should visit in Zell am See is classified among the highest waterfalls in Europe with a length of more than 280 meters, and comes in the fifth place among the highest waterfalls around the world, which is located about an hour from the city center.
  • It is easy to reach Carmel Falls by taking the bus or by train. You can also rent a taxi, but it is a little more expensive than other public transportation.
  • You will find many great places around the waterfalls, from ice cream parlors, fine restaurants, to souvenir shops.

Salvelden Village:

One of the most wonderful places that you can visit in Austria at all, and it is one of the villages quiet and famous for its summer skis which will take you on a tour of another kind around the city and its green lands, where it descends from an altitude of 340 meters and extends for a distance of 1.5 kilometers, which will make you feel a lot of vitality and suspense

Kaprun snowy area:

It is located on the Kitzsteinhorn mountain on the northern side of the Alps, and it is one of the best places to see the snowy area in a very impressive way. You can also do many snow activities such as ice skating with the beautiful atmosphere in a secluded part dedicated to that. There are also ski places for children only to protect them.
You will find places to rent and buy ski clothes and you will also find the best Arab restaurants, which are definitely halal food and very delicious to suit international hospitality for tourists.

Zell am See Center:

It is famous in Zell am See in the old city, and it is one of the best places to shop in the city and you will find many excellent restaurants and cafes to experience the atmosphere in Zell am See, and the most wonderful thing is its location near everything in the middle of the city, which will allow you to learn more about Austria, their customs, traditions and daily life. .

Mount Schimten Huh:

  • There is a great height of up to 2 km above sea level, which makes it one of the best spots to see the city from above. You will also find a restaurant on top that allows you to eat your food with an unforgettable panoramic view of the city.
  • You will feel a lot of fun while taking the cable car to reach the mountain. You will also find other activities such as parachute and sailing. It contains entertainment places for young children, and paved roads for walking between mountains.

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