The cities of the Middle East are distinguished by the beautiful heritage appearances, including the old popular markets that people still go to today despite the many new malls. Here is a list of the best old markets in the region, which give an unforgettable shopping experience.

1. The Grand Bazaar

In Istanbul, get ready to tour one of the largest covered markets in the world, with about 4000 stores and 60 streets, attracting between 2.5 million and four million tourists annually. This market is famous for hand-decorated ceramics, elegant Turkish rugs, tiles, pottery, embroidered garments, ornaments, spices and souvenirs. There are also two mosques, two hammams, four fountains and a number of restaurants and cafes.

2. Dubai Gold Market


The Gold Souk, located in the Al Ras district of Deira, is one of the most important markets in Dubai, and it has 300 stores whose windows are filled with bracelets, rings, earrings and chains made of pure gold, as well as diamond, platinum and silver jewelery.

3. Camel Market in Al Ain

It is the last camel market in the United Arab Emirates, and it provides an opportunity to see these large animals closely, and to gain a glimpse of the Arab culture and Emirati traditions. It is worth noting that the purchase process in this market is carried out through an auction.

4. Abu Dhabi carpet market

The Abu Dhabi carpet market is the only place you will find a huge assortment of embroidered carpets and pillows in different designs and colors, most of which are imported from Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Central Asia and China.

5. Sharjah Blue Market

The blue market or the central market was designed in the form of a large bazaar, which is one of the most remarkable landmarks of Sharjah, and it includes 600 stores distributed over two adjacent buildings, divided on two floors, the first floor is devoted to Arabic clothing, gold ornaments and gemstones, and the second floor is dedicated to Iranian carpets, Bedouin silver jewelry, Kashmiri textures, and others Lots.

6. Khan Al-Khalili in Cairo

Khan Al-Khalili is one of the most famous and oldest markets in Egypt, as it dates back to the year 1382, and you can buy everything you want at attractive prices, such as antiques, art pieces, perfumes, fabrics, souvenirs and Pharaonic statues, and you can stop to drink tea in the famous Al-Fishawi Café that was founded in the year 1797.

7. Dubai Spice Market

This market is located next to the gold market, and it smells of countless spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, saffron, red pepper, turmeric, curry, carnival, etc. You can also buy basmati rice, dried fruits, tobacco, shisha and beautiful perfumes.

8. Muttrah Souq in Muscat

This busy market is one of the most famous and ancient markets of Muscat, and includes a wide variety of oils and perfumes, both traditional and modern. This market also attracts tourists from all over the world thanks to the famous woolen carpets, art pieces and popular clothes.

9. Jamaâ El Fna, Marrakesh

This night market is the largest and most magnificent tourist destination in Marrakech, during the day the Jamaâ El Fna Square and the narrow alleys surrounding it become a large market in which you can buy many Moroccan products, and extends to the last hours of the night, when it turns into a square for music and acrobatics and many people set up stalls offering Delicious food.

10. Dubai Textile Market

If you really want to try Arabic-style shopping, you must go to the Dubai textile market. Whatever type of fabric you want, whether for elegant dresses, curtains, bed sheets or traditional clothes, you will find it here without a doubt here.

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