The most important means of water transport Dubai

المسافرون العرب

Dubai water transport is considered one of the most important means of transportation in the United Arab Emirates, so Dubai residents use it to move from one place to another, and it is also considered a great tourist attraction for its luxury and great pleasure, so it was made by the best companies of global transportation and proximity manufacturing, and it has many characteristics That achieves the convenience of movement and the safety of individuals during their journey, as well as places and seats made specifically for people with special needs, and the Emirates Roads and Transport Authority seeks to provide the largest number of services needed by water means passengers, and in the following lines we will explain to you from Lal Arab travelers are the most prominent site and water transport in the Emirate of Dubai, in addition to the operation of the dates and prices of riding.

Water transport Dubai

The water bus in Dubai Creek

This is one of the most comfortable means of transportation in the Dubai Creek, because it has comfortable and safe seating seats, in addition to the luxurious bus design. It also allocates places for people with special needs to maintain their safety during the trip. The bus also transports passengers from Bur Dubai and Baniyas station The Sabkha station and the old Dubai market area, which made it easy for the residents of that region to easily move by bus.

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  • work hours: The bus operates daily passenger transportation from six in the morning until eleven in the evening.
  • Bus ride prices: The bus ride fee is paid by Nol Card, which is distributed at water transport stations. The ticket price is 4 AED.


Water abras are boats made of wood, used in Dubai Creek for mass transit, and diversify in their forms, including air-conditioned abras that are characterized by luxurious design and the use of the best technology in them, and the oil transit that walks in the water by diesel, which meets all standards of passenger safety and security. Electrical is one of the most preferred means for the residents of Dubai Creek, due to its preservation of the environment and not causing any damage that may return on the water, and as tourists prefer to ride it and take a tour with it when it passes on the Burj Khalifa Lake and the global waterway pass

  • Abra water rides prices: The fee for a ride ticket is AED 1 per person, and in case you want to rent the abra to get around, it will cost one hundred dirhams per hour, and thirty dirhams per hour for the ferry that works with oars.

Dubai water taxi

The water taxi is considered one of the most important means of tourism attractions in Dubai, due to its luxurious design and distinctive in shape, in addition to comfort and safety while riding, and provides free internet services for passengers in addition to watching the distinctive television screen attached to it, so passengers use it to go to the beaches of resorts Tourist and hotel berths, as well as to enter the clubs of the marine emirate of Dubai, and the taxi itinerary runs from the Creek to the Al Mamroz Beach Corniche, and from Jumeirah 1 to Jebel Ali.

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  • work hours: The water taxi works daily starting from ten in the morning, until it stops working at ten in the evening.
  • Water taxi ride prices: The passenger ticket fee is AED 50 per passenger for the short distance, and the value of the fees increases the further the destination.

Dubai Ferry

The Roads and Transport Authority has been keen on launching the Dubai Ferry boat in its plan to develop water transport, which is one of the best mass transportation, with a capacity of one hundred seats in the gold and silver grades, in addition to its possession of comfortable places made specifically for people with special needs, and passengers of Dubai Freire can see the sights of the city All of them and enjoy a unique tourist tour.

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  • Dubai ferry ride prices: The fees for riding a gold class are seventy-five AED dirhams per person, while a silver class costs fifty dirhams, and there is a discount of fifty percent for children up to the age of ten, and there are no fees for children under the age of two.
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