Tourism and leisure guide in the Dubai Mall

المسافرون العرب

An integrated guide to entertainment in the Dubai Mall, if you love the city of Dubai seeking a unique experience inside it, you must go to the Dubai Mall because you will enjoy a lot of entertainment that helps you spend a fun and relaxing time, you will have a unique and distinct experience through its restaurants or commercial stores Because it is considered one of the largest commercial complexes in the world in terms of space and entertainment within it, Arab travelers help you get to know the Dubai Mall and its entertainment activities.

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall was built within the Burj Khalifa complex, it was opened in 2008, on an area of ​​approximately 557.418 square meters internally, of its total area which is one million square meters, and contains approximately 1,200 commercial stores inside it, and the state cost about $ 20 billion to build and finish From it, the number of arrivals on the Dubai Mall increases every year, as it hosted nearly 37 million visitors during 2009, and the number increased to 47 million in 2010, at a rate of 750 thousand visitors per week, and it was dubbed as one of the most loyalists worldwide. In entertainment, the number of visitors during the year 2011 reached nearly 54 million, and the number of visitors in 2014 reached 80 million Air.
It contains 250 hotel rooms in order to help you enjoy the mall while you are inside it, 22 theaters that display the most important international and modern films for the most famous representatives of the world, there are 120 restaurants and cafes serving different types of food, whether local or international, there is a car park that accommodates approximately 14,000 cars through 3 places, The Dubai Mall won many creative awards, both through display and lighting systems, designs and publications during the past years.

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The most important leisure activities in the Dubai Mall

Dubai Ice Rink

This circuit was designed in a global way and Olympic standards, in order to provide its visitors with enjoyment of all activities on the ice, and among these activities are specialized skiing shows, sports skating matches, ice dancing shows, there are many supervisors of skiers in all working hours, in order to ensure Not to be subjected to any injuries to the skier and to ensure his safety, and the ice surface is paved for skiing with his own machine, which is Zamboni, every few hours to ensure the quality of the ice so as to ensure no injuries during the skating, and the hours of free skating extend for visitors for two hours, and ice dance sessions, and also provides Courses in how to skate an individual or groups, and can organize birthday parties, social events, or corporate or institutional events.

Dubai Aquarium Zoo

Among the most important recreational activities within the Dubai Mall, as it has more than 33,000 species of different marine creatures, about 400 sharks, you can also enjoy watching penguins, crocodiles, piranha fish, giant spider crabs, mice rats, colored jellyfish, dolphins and many of these distinctive creatures And next to you, you can enjoy a diving hobby in the designated sections with a group of small fish, and there is also a lighting system inside the basin that enables you to enjoy the splendor of mixing colors with water according to the moon’s cycle that day, and do not forget to watch the puppet show that Unmatched.

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The Republic of Sega Republic

It is one of the most beautiful entertainment places that can spend a fun time with family and friends. It was built on two floors of the mall floors, in order to accommodate more than 250 global games between electronic and electrical games, because it is considered one of the largest entertainment cities covered at the level of the world and the Middle East, and games are suitable For adults and kids to have a lot of fun and enjoyment in this wonderful city.

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The Dubai Mall contains a large area devoted to the shops for lovers of shopping, there are a lot of branches of international stores inside the mall, as it contains nearly 1,200 stores global and other local brands, and there are many types of exhibits inside these stores, there are shops for fabrics, ready-made clothes and also stores for selling toiletries Sweets shops, where the largest candy store in the world was opened in 2009.


Many restaurants in Dubai Mall were distinguished by their distinctive and unique faults inside the mall, as they either overlook the dancing fountain that is outside the mall or overlooks the water park. These restaurants offer various types of eating from the most important international kitchens, with high quality, high quality and outstanding presentation.

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