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Llandav Cathedral

This cathedral is the seat of the bishop of Yandav, and it was built in the twelfth century on the site of previous religious buildings, and the cathedral was subjected to many damages between the period 1400-1703 AD during the Great Storm that occurred in the region, as well as more damage during World War II, and it is possible For a visitor to this landmark, see the large arch behind the altar, which dates back to 1107 AD, and the western facade that remains in place since 1220 AD, and one of the most prominent works in the cathedral is the painting of Reridus, which was drawn by Rossetti in 1855 AD.

the National Museum

This museum is considered one of the most luxurious museums in Cardiff, and it has a dome and a group of columns, and it is surprising from the inside for the presence of many huge stairs in it, and its entrance is wide and large, and it also has many sculptures of lions and dragons that adorn the outer part of it, and this museum displays a collection Great exhibits related to artwork, natural history, along with archeology and botany, were designed by engineer Arnold Dunbar Smith and engineer Cecil Brewer in 1905 AD, and did not It officially opens until 1927 because of A.D. First World War.

Cardiff Castle

This castle is considered one of the attractions in Wales, and a site of international importance, it is located in the middle of the capital between the beautiful gardens, and owns a group of towers that are about 2000 years old, and the Romen parts of this castle remained hidden for about 900 years, until the castle was discovered The Romenian is one of the four castles forming the region by the Marquesses Pot III workers when the Marquess instructed them to build a new tower for the castle in 1888 AD.

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