Tourism in Heidelberg

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Heidelberg is located in the valley of the Neckar River, and is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Germany, as it includes many attractions that attract the attention of visitors and tourists.

Best hotels in Heidelberg

Heidelberg includes a group of the best hotels in Germany, and we have brought you on this tab Heidelberg hotels that provide accommodation close to the main attractions in the city .. Read more

Tourism in Heidelberg - Tourism in Heidelberg

The most important places of tourism in Heidelberg, Germany

In this article, we will learn about the most famous tourist attractions in Heidelberg:

Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle is a tourist attraction in Heidelberg, Germany, and one of the most important Renaissance buildings in Heidelberg, north of the Alps.

The castle is located 80 meters north of the Konigstahl Hills, and the oldest part of the castle’s structure dates back to before 1214 AD, surrounded by green landscapes that fascinate spectators .. Read more

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The old bridge

The Old Bridge is a stone bridge in Heidelberg, crosses the Neckar River, and connects the old town to the eastern part of Neuchâtel. The bridge is very popular for tourism lovers in Heidelberg Germany from inside and outside the country, because of its sculptures and statues such as the monkey statue.

The bridge is a charming destination for the city of Heidelberg, indicating the heritage of its past. Just as the bridge connects the two banks of the river, it connects the city with its roots .. Read more

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Heidelberg Zoo

Heidelberg Zoo is home to many rare and endangered animals, along with children’s facilities, and is one of the most important tourist places in Heidelberg .. Read more

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