Learn the most beautiful places to stay in Kazakhstan

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Gosti Restaurant:

The restaurant is a pleasure for anyone interested in the history of Russian culture. The restaurant was decorated in a bohemian style in the noble Russian palace in the early twentieth century, and specializes in providing high-quality modern Russian cuisine. It also offers black tea that is prepared and brewed in samovars, which are traditional mineral teapots.
If you look around the restaurant, you will find a variety of distinctive decorative and clay works from old iron charcoal to used ice skis, giving a unique antique atmosphere as if you were in a museum.
Kishlak Restaurant
One of the nightlife in Ideal Kazakhstan is a comfortable restaurant specializing in traditional cuisine from Central Asia. The restaurant consists of three dining rooms, each with a beautifully decorated interior with distinctive decorations from Central Asia. Each room has a special character, a farmer’s house, a merchant’s house, and a living room for a rich Bay.
Seating tables are made in the style of a low tea house. Guests can learn about new multi-layered flavors of food from Central Asia and choose from a wide range of traditional Uzbek, Uygur and Kazakh dishes. You can try famous dishes such as delicious manti dumplings, bacon, mashed squash and soups. Multiple varieties, lamb broth and vegetables
El Mirador Restaurant
Learn the most beautiful places to stay in Kazakhstan - Learn the most beautiful places to stay in Kazakhstan
The modern and very modern Mirador is one of the newly added landmarks in the Almaty region, located in the busy city center and the restaurant displays modern international cuisine with a touch of Central Asia, such as fresh salad with fried meat in ginger, which gives the meat a distinctive taste, so no visitor who eats meat in Kazakhstan To leave without trying these local foods.
The restaurant consists of two floors with a beautiful terrace open in the summer, and offers a wide range of seafood, which is a rare thing in Almaty due to the distance from the beaches and pasta dishes and vegetarian dishes, in addition to a variety of grilled meats cooked in the Argentinean way
Alasha Restaurant
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The sparkling blue domes of the famous Uzbek Alasha restaurant on the outskirts of Almaty can be easily seen from afar, built in the Turkic or Timorid architecture and dedicated to the picturesque city of Samarkand.
The restaurant is one of the favorite restaurants for visitors in Almaty, and offers the menu of the best traditional Uzbek dishes, the most famous of which is its distinctive dish and is called the wedding dish or Balouf, which is the main dish full of food made of rice, lamb, carrots, raisins, garlic and chickpeas, the loofah is cooked over an open fire in huge iron ovens, and is done Serve with fresh tomato salad, pickled onions and herbs called achik-chuchuk.
Every night, live meals of Uzbek music and traditional dance are combined with meals, which gives a glimpse into the richness of Uzbek culture and makes you enjoy your meal.

City cafes Astana

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Cafés in Astana provide a warm and peaceful retreat from the cold winters which makes them the best places to stay in Kazakhstan, in addition to good treatment and excellent service, where you will find classic cappuccinos and espresso prepared professionally, as you will find cafes that are delicious pastries and desserts that you can eat with your coffee.
In the café there, you will get many full European menus, Kazakh and Asian menus, VIP and VIP rooms, and dining rooms that you will not find in many restaurants. They are able to maintain a comfortable feeling that makes you want to spend the evening period there with your family. Free Wi-Fi is also available. You can check email while drinking coffee or chatting with friends.
La Bella is one of Astana’s oldest cafes and provides luxurious high-back chairs that can be seated comfortably for hours and a full menu of food and beverages to enjoy your evening. In hot weather, La Bella provides traditional private outdoor tents with tables and pillows for relaxation.
Among the other unique cafes is the house is Books Café, which was opened long ago by an American expatriate, The Café contains bookshelves filled with books in Russian and English so that you can have fun if you are alone there, and the staff prepares chocolate biscuits and fried cakes as starters.


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