Tourism in Jordan

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Petra lies between the Red Desert in southern Jordan, and it is believed that it was inhabited for the first time in the fourth century BC, as the capital was in the prosperous Arab Nabataean civilization, and Petra is famous for its charming location and beauty, and many Hollywood films have been filmed there, and the treasury of Petra is found Between a series of winding passages, the visitor will enjoy exploring.


Madaba is located in the south of the capital, Amman, which is a small town famous for its religious structures, ancient architecture, and the most famous place in it is the map of Madaba that was formed in the sixth century of a mosaic showing the map of Jerusalem, and other holy sites, and this map is found in St. George’s Church ( St. George’s Church), tourists can visit the Madaba Archaeological Park and the Madaba Museum.

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is considered one of the most impressive desert areas, and the valley is characterized by its red color and the various rock formations in it, and it is the place of choice for filmmakers to simulate the surface on Mars, and Wadi Rum is also known as the Valley of the Moon, and it includes natural areas dating back millions of years and has changed due to Climatic conditions and erosion, and tourists and visitors can enjoy the colorful sunsets, and spend a basket in the tents in the region.


Archaeologists can visit Jerash, an ancient Roman city whose archaeological historical sites have been carefully preserved, and dates back to 6500 years. It was a commercially important city in the Roman era, which was discovered in 1925 AD and is one of the greatest examples of Roman architecture outside Rome.


Jordan occupies a large and important place in the Arab world, and it is located among the most turbulent countries in the region: occupied Palestine, Iraq, and Syria, where there are internal conflicts and wars. Jordan is one of the stable countries in the region. Jordan’s history dates back to the time of the first people thousands of years ago. And there are Roman and Ottoman cities, in addition to Persian treasures and Egyptian antiquities, and there are world heritage sites registered in UNESCO, and the tourists in Jordan also find lively and modern places such as: Aqaba, and the capital Amman.


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