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Miami is one of the cities of the United States of America, which is located in the state of Florida. It is located in the southeastern side of the state, and it is also called (The Magic City).

It is the second largest city in the state of Florida, with a city area of ​​approximately (139.86) square kilometers, and a population of approximately (3,828,955) people, according to estimates by the year (2007). It is also considered the economic and cultural center of the state.

The most prominent tourist places in Miami

There are many tourist places to visit in Miami, including the following:

Coral Castle

It is an architectural masterpiece belonging to the private sector, consisting of large limestone and limestone stones shaped like coral, and visitors come to it from different parts of the world to enjoy the scenic and attractive scenes in it.

Miami River

The importance of this river lies in the bush trips by wandering the river, by boats, to enjoy the wonderful views and landmarks of Miami, where the journey takes one two hours.

Children’s museum

This museum is considered one of the most beautiful museums in the region, which contains many things and attractive for children, where seminars are held to teach the multiple arts and cultures for children in an entertaining and attractive style, in addition to some different games.

Parrot Forest Park

It is considered one of the best tourist places that children desire especially, as it makes exhibitions of reptiles, birds and various plants, and there are more than (1000) animals and (500) plant species.

Monkey Forest

It is a place that resembles zoos but is limited to monkeys only, as it contains various types and species of monkeys estimated at (30) species, in addition to many facilities and services that are provided to visitors in the forest.

Fish sink

It is a huge aquarium and it is the largest aquarium in the United States of America, and it contains many different fish and marine animals.

South Beach

Although it is called by this name, this beach is located in the eastern area of ​​Miami, and it is considered one of the attractive tourist areas that the visitor enjoys with its fresh air and warm sun, and shopping there.

Bayfront Park

It is considered one of the large parks in the region, which accommodates approximately (10,000) people, and parties and fun games for sports and yoga fans are held.

Beach Botanical Garden

It is considered one of the largest parks in the region, its area is estimated at (4.5) acres, and it enjoys the beauty of its multiple trees and flowers of attractive smell.

Deadland Complex

It is a huge commercial complex consisting of approximately (150) shops, in which everything necessary for the tourist is sold.

Dolphin complex

It is a lively commercial complex that contains games halls, cinema hall, cabarets, restaurants, shops and others.


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