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One of the most famous and important Lebanese cities that belong to the district of Zahle within a governorate called the Bekaa, and it is called the Bride of the Bekaa, established in the year 1811 AD, and became the first republic located in the eastern side by itself in the period between 1825 AD and 1858 CE, and in the year 1885 CE it was considered the connecting link Between a group of Arab capitals, most notably Beirut and Baghdad, in addition to Damascus, specifically after the establishment of the railway line, which also connects to the Iraqi province of Mosul, and in it an important valley through which the famous Bardouni River runs, and spread on its banks restaurants and cafes that receive visitors from all regions.

Currently, Zahleh is considered the most modern city in comparison to other Lebanese cities, and it has been called the capital of Eastern Catholicism, while others have called it the city of churches because there are about fifty churches, and it occupies the first rank at the level of the middle condition in terms of the number of people who convert to Christianity in it, and at the level of Lebanon It occupies the third rank in terms of population as a whole, with about one hundred and twenty thousand people.

Sightseeing in Zahle

There are many landmarks and places in Zahle that have made them a distinctive tourist place, including the following:

Old hotels

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Zahle started establishing hotels, in order to receive tourists and immigrants coming to it, so the Health Hotel was the first hotel in which it was established in the year 1878 AD, so that it was located at the entrance to the Zahle Valley, and later another group was built, most notably the Aqil Hotel and Hotel America, in addition to the hotel Al-Qadiri, who was specifically founded in the year 1906 to be considered a historical facade of the city, but in 1914 AD he was transferred to a hospital to receive wounded warriors during World War I by Jamal Pasha al-Othmani, and in the year 1920 AD it was announced by General Guru that a group of districts would be annexed to The so-called Mountain of the Cup T, who is currently in Lebanon known as the Great.

Places of worship

The Church of Our Lady of Zalzala is considered the first built church in the city, founded by the Zahleen in the year 1700 AD, and after that the Church of Mar Elias the Savior was established. For the city, in the year 1748 AD, the Church of St. Michael was established, and then the Monastery of Mar Elias Touq, which was founded by the Choueir monastic order in the year 1755 AD.

Statue of Our Lady of Zahle and the Bronze Bekaa

It is located inside the shrine of Lady Zahle and Bekaa, which was built in the year 1986 AD, and has a height of about fifty four meters, and is reached by a lift, made by the famous italyn artist Beiruti.

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