Tourism in Moscow

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Tourism in Moscow

Moscow is the official capital of Russia and its most important and beautiful city, as Moscow has the highest population among the rest of Russia, and is considered the seventh city in the world in terms of its population of more than 10 million people, and is known as the political, cultural, artistic and financial center in Russia Also, this busy city contains many unique tourist areas, which attract a large number of tourists from all parts of the world.

The most important tourist places in Moscow

Bolshoi Theater

The Walshoei Theater is considered one of the most important international tourist places that the high-end ballet dancers intended for. This theater presents swan lake performances by coaches and dancers of Bali at a high level of craftsmanship and mastery. Showcased on him in the year 1877 AD, and since then it has become one of the most important Bali theaters in Russia and the world.

Snow Sculptures Museum

Snow has always been a powerful weapon that provided Russia with protection from enemies during world wars, and after the advent of peace in the world Russia took advantage of this snow in an innovative artistic way, through the work of wonderful and luxurious sculptures of snow, many of which were formed to represent a number of international and mythological symbols, These sculptures are displayed in a private museum, which adds a special aesthetic to it, through the colorful lights directed towards it.

Alexandrovsky Gardens

One of the most beautiful public parks in Russia, where it contains a large number of types of roses and flowers arranged and beautifully coordinated to attract attention, and the garden is considered a destination for many green nature amateurs in Moscow, and many grooms go to them to take memorial photos on their wedding day, as the garden contains On a special marble edifice for Russian soldiers who were killed during the Second World War.

Red Square

This square is gaining importance in Russian tourism, as it is located next to the red building that contains the embalmed corpse of Lenin, and he is the leader of the Communist Revolution that was able to overthrow the Tsar rule in Russia in 1917 AD, and is considered the first president of Russia after the end of the Tsar’s era.

Armory Museum

This museum contains the holdings of the kings and presidents of Russia who ruled them throughout the ages, it also contains a number of valuable treasures between vehicles for the transport of kings and their weapons and the luxurious thrones of kings and czars, and there is an explanation next to each piece in English to explain its history in detail.


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