Tourism in Nigeria

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The best time for tourism in Nigeria

Tourists are advised to visit Nigeria from the beginning of December to February, which is the best period in terms of weather conditions and climate. It is worth noting that the prevailing climate in Nigeria differs in its different regions, where the dry climate predominates in the northern regions of it, while the tropical climate predominates in the southern regions, And the tropical climate in the central regions.

Tourist attractions in Nigeria

National parks

Nigeria contains eight national parks that extend over an area of ​​20156 km2, which represents 3% of the area of ​​Nigeria, and the most famous of these parks is the Gasha Gomati National Park located in the states of Adamawa and Taraba, and a visitor to these parks can enjoy the diversity of the wildlife in it, as it contains several Varieties of the famous African animals such as the African elephant and the African wild dogs, as it contains many varieties of endemic animals, and about 940 species of birds including the parrot and the heron, in addition to water animals and other amphibians and reptiles.


Nigerian beaches provide a feeling of relaxation and relaxation for its visitors, and it is considered one of the most attractive tourist attractions in the country. These beaches also contain many resorts and hotels that provide good treatment for their guests.

  • Coconut Beach: The beach is located in the town of Badagry on the western side of Lagos, and its name has gained from this numerous coconut plantations surrounding it.
  • Victoria Beach: It is also called Bar Beach, and it is a beach widely recognized by the locals.
  • Tara Bay: It is near the port of Lagos, and offers many good leisure activities.
  • Calabar Beach: It is located at the mouth of the Calabar River, which is one of the most crowded beaches.

The city of Lagos

Lagos is known as a noisy city with a population of about 10 million people, and is famous for its enjoyable nightlife, and it contains a large number of markets scattered in its streets, as it is the commercial capital of the western region of Africa, and its visitor can also enjoy exploring the National Museum’s holdings in it .


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