Tourism in Norway

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Tourism in Norway

Norway is considered (in English: Norway) one of the most important tourist attraction centers, as it is visited by a large number of visitors, and tourists from all over the world every year, due to the presence of many attractions, and attractions, such as: scenic landscapes, museums that abound in art , History, like Vikings history, cool parks, winter sports, the clean and shiny city of Oslo, and many more.

The most important tourist attractions in Norway

Norway includes many places and attractions, and here are some of the most important:


Norway includes several fascinating fjords with scenic landscapes, which give visitors and tourists the opportunity to engage in water and sporting activities, including the Strait of Sonefjord at a depth of about 1,308 m, the Strait of Hardanger for a length of about 179 km, and the Jairangerford Fjord which is the most famous strait in the country.

The Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum is located in the Norwegian city of Oslo, and houses many works, historical monuments that express Vikings, the history of the Norwegians, and voyages of exploration.

Nidaros Cathedral

Nidaros Cathedral (Nidaros Domkirke) is located in the Norwegian city of Trondheim, an ancient historical archaeological church built during the Middle Ages.

Eckberg Park

Eckberg Park is located in the Norwegian city of Oslo, which is a public park overlooking Oslo, with extensive forests, and it also includes many attractive scenery, such as: traditional artworks of famous artists, such as: Jenny Holzer, Louise Bourgeois, Sarah Lucas, in addition to To some artwork belonging to real estate developer Christian Ringnes.

Bergen area

Bergen occupies the second largest city in Norway, and it dates back to the fourteenth century AD. It should be noted that visitors and tourists can visit this magnificent city, climb onto Mount Vluyn by using the Flaubanan railway, and eat a piece of traditional Norwegian waffle on its summit, as this is one of the most important activities that attract tourism in Bergen, and in addition to the foregoing, it includes a port In the past, several traditional, colored wooden buildings.


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