Tourism in Ras Al-Khaimah: an integrated tourist guide for Ras Al-Khaimah

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A comprehensive tourism guide for the most important tourism places in Ras Al Khaimah, in addition to hotels, resorts, and the most famous restaurants, wonderful markets and malls in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, which is located in the northern part of the United Arab Emirates, as it overlooks the Arabian Gulf, and this Emirate is characterized by its rocky hard lands, which makes it one of the most suitable tourist destinations For those wishing to spend enjoyable times on the enjoyable sandy beaches and beautiful oases amid the hot springs and the bright sun, the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah witnessed unprecedented success in the past years, as it witnessed a very rapid urban development, and a number of the finest For residential areas and many recreational areas and resorts that were erected on the beachfront, this is next to its proximity to coral reef areas, and this emirate is still promising more development and prosperity for the emergence of more tourist attractions that attract tourists and local residents, the resorts of this emirate are characterized by its paved paths, white buildings and the coordination of its parks And its restaurants, in addition to the beauty of its picturesque beaches, which made it quickly turned into a popular tourist destination for many.

The best places of tourism in Ras Al Khaimah We recommend you to visit:

The emirate offers a large number of tourism activities that are established on areas located between miles of the beaches of this white sand emirate, and its stony mountains and turquoise sea waters as well as the splendor of its sand dunes in the desert, so you can ride mountains or experience any of the manual skills in the range of shooting, and it is also possible to fly in Naji Al Jazeera Aviation by windsurfer, as it provides many taxis and a number of cars available for hire, and today we will present the most important features of this tourist and leisure emirate.

  • Daya Castle

This flame was built in the sixteenth century from bricks, and this castle is characterized by its strategic location where it is located on top of a hill facing the Arabian Gulf, and it was specially built to defend the region against the attacks of the British, and this castle is considered a defensive military tower with an important history in the history of The emirate, this wonderful place that must be visited contains a number of strong forts and gates in addition to panoramic views, so you can go to the castle in order to explore it from Dahel, this castle is 20 km away from the city of Ras Al Khaimah.

  • Khatt Springs

This region is a sub-district for hot baths that are used in the treatment of various health problems, due to the minerals that benefit the body, as well as its water has its healing properties, and Khat Springs is one of the areas that attract tourists from all over for relaxation and comfort. It is located This area is surrounded by a large oasis. This oasis is surrounded by mountains and planted with palm trees. Many locals and tourists flock to it. This is next to its distinguished location as it is close to 170 distinct archaeological sites. It contains all historical elements and has many ancient monuments that have been erected. Affha in tombs dating back to prehistoric.

  • the National Museum

The National Museum of Ras Al-Khaimah is located in an ancient fortress, this fort was the seat of the Emirate’s ruling family until the early 1960s, and this museum includes a number of distinctive artifacts, besides it contains a number of manuscripts, documents and treaties that were written between the rulers of the emirate and Great Britain, This is in addition to the presence of many exhibitions dedicated to displaying ancient weapons dating back to the ruling family. There is also a section in the museum dedicated to displaying the traditional lifestyle in Ras Al Khaimah, where this section contains the history of hunting, architecture, hunting as well as the history of agriculture.

  • Mount Jess

This mountain is located about 55 km from the northeast of the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, and this mountain is considered as a refugee from the Al Hajar mountain range, and it is considered one of the highest mountains in the United Arab Emirates, and a road to the top of the mountain has recently been opened, this mountain contains a number of positions The distinctive width, which facilitates viewing it while climbing to the top of the mountain by car, and the height of this mountain is 1900 meters above sea level, and the top of this mountain is characterized by providing closer temperatures of coldness that are more pleasant compared to the temperatures that exist in all parts of the country, so it is suitable for exercising a lot Of fun activities throughout For a year, it is possible to rent four-wheel drive cars to tour the area surrounding Jebel Mountain, and it is also suitable for people who love to climb mountains and mountains. From the top of the mountain, the UAE can be seen completely in a magical panoramic scene, and a number of ski competitions are held on this mountain Throughout the year, especially on days that witness persistent snowfall that covers the mountain and all the areas surrounding it.

  • Shimal

This small village is located in the city of Ras Al-Khaimah close to the Hajar Mountains, where there are hundreds of graves dating back to before Islam, and there is a settlement dating back to before two thousand years BC, and this region is one of the most important archaeological sites known in the United Arab Emirates United, where people who love the history of archaeological sites and those who love ancient history go to visit it. A number of materials that were handmade were discovered such as stone utensils, pottery, and weapons that were made of beads, bronze, and copper. There are also many archaeological excavations, and a circular tomb was discovered in whichBear this tomb dates back to the era of rock, and is the highest small summit.

  • Pasata Village

This village contains a number of stunning landscapes, as it is considered a unique natural reserve unlike any other, it is a unique experience that enables its visitors to see wild geysers in the vast desert environment, and it is also possible to sit in a camp and then enjoy the splendor and beauty of nature there, this village Which allows its visitors to take an insight into the nature of the desert Arab life, it is possible to enjoy some exciting entertainment programs such as traditional belly dancing, and it is also possible to draw henna and eat Emirati bread that the Emirates is famous for, and it is possible to climb sand and ride camels and ten The first beverage of all kinds, in addition to taking some memorial photos, and staying in this village is usually in a private camp where some delicious Arabic dishes and grill foods are prepared.

  • The Pearl Museum

The profession of diving in the depths of the seas in order to obtain pearls is one of the most dangerous professions that can be practiced, as this profession is considered fraught with many risks that its owner is exposed to death, but it is considered one of the main sources of income that the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah relies on. This city was previously known for this profession that extracts pearls from the seas and then exports them to all parts of the world. The Pearl Museum has been built to include all the rare and wonderful pearls, and the equipment used in diving to display the pearls from deep inside is also displayed in the museum. the sea.

  • Hajar Mountains

It is a rugged mountain characterized by the beauty of its natural scenery, and is characterized by the presence of many changing sand dunes, as the mountains provide all kinds of rocks that researchers and researchers seek to specialize in geology, where there are sedimentary and igneous rocks and other types.

  • Red Island

It is an abandoned village, as for its location it is located outside the city of Ras Al Khaimah, and it is one of the most wonderful historical monuments in the emirate as it reflects the originality of the old traditional architecture that was known as the Emirates Dzla, as it reminds its visitors of the nature of local life, which is characterized by simplicity, has been The nature of the dry desert climate in which the Red Island is located has helped it to remain as it is. This climate has also helped to preserve the buildings from being damaged, and this island is considered as a typical fishing village as it contains granite stones, fishing net and pottery beads. Dating to As if the Bedouins who were dependent on these things for fishing.

  • Falcon Park

This park is considered one of the most important tourist attractions that exist in the Kiran area in Ras Al Khaimah, as it has all the amenities and a number of activities that make it a distinct destination for spending the weekly holidays, it can be accompanied by family and friends in the open air, and games can be played Various such as table tennis, electronic cars or soccer game, there can be a full day filled with fun and enjoyment.

  • Water park

This park is considered one of the most important tourist attractions known as Ras Al-Khaimah, it is one of the places suitable for spending holidays in order to enjoy swimming, diving and horse riding. It is also possible to use the various and distinguished tourist facilities and services in the garden, where it is possible to eat any of The different restaurants that are there and where meals are provided to suit all tastes, and when comparing them with other water parks in the Emirates, this garden will find that its facilities are large and dilapidated, but the entry prices there are much lower than any gardens Other watermark.

  • Bedouin oasis

It is one of the most beautiful tourist places that can be visited in Ras al-Khaimah, as this oasis is a unique desert camp, in which the nomadic travelers are embodied throughout history, and a wonderful experience is provided in order to enjoy the desert life that the Bedouins live, in addition to the possibility of eating Some authentic traditional dishes.

  • Ice Land

It is considered one of the distinctive leisure destinations in Ras Al Khaimah, as it is located on the Gulf beach within the well-known tourist resort of Wow Rak, and its idea was inspired by the Al-Ferry Mountain and Silicon Mountain, which are located in the Arctic. The Icelandic park was opened in 2010, on a large area amounted to 125 acres, which is equivalent to 110 thousand meters, which made it one of the largest water parks in the Middle East as a whole, so there can be seen penguin cascades, which is one of the largest industrial waterfalls in the world as its length is 120 meters and more, And about 100 thousand gallons of it fall Per minute, as there are a number of water games such as swimming, which are carried out by specialized trainers, and Iceland offers a wonderful experience for all lovers of water bursts, in the water slope, which is about 110 feet high.

  • Ras Al Khaimah beaches

The Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah is distinguished by its long coast that is characterized by its soft white sand, as this coast extends at a distance of about 64 km, thus becoming one of the most wonderful and beautiful picturesque beaches, along with providing many recreational experiences that are embodied in the highest standards of luxury and tranquility, and the beaches are formed The sunny and warm waters that the emirate has are one of the ideal destinations for many water sports, and for many enthusiastic adventures, this emirate is considered one of the best Emirati destinations for diving and snorkeling, so there can be fun exploring the splendor of life Navy there, do skills testing up surfing, or led to the perfect bike throughout the coast, where lovers of water sports will find there everything that suits them and suits their tastes.

The most important resorts of Ras Al Khaimah:

  • Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort & Spa

This luxury resort is classified among the five-star resorts, and is located at the northern end of the Arabian Peninsula, this resort contains a private beach characterized by its white sand, and the length of its beach is 1.5 km, and it has villas with furnished balconies that overlook the Arabian Sea. This resort is rated as the best in Ras Al Khaimah.

  • Jannah Resort and Villa Resort

About 7 km from Al Hamra Mall, this resort has many accommodations as well as a private beach area.

  • Golden Tulip Resort

This resort is located at the foot of Jabal Al-Hajar on Khatt Street, and is considered one of the most distinguished resorts of the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, as it has its natural warm waters, and its unique location, and it has an outdoor swimming pool, there is a comfortable seating area, and is one of the health destinations at the international level, It has a spa equipped and has a beauty center on an area of ​​two thousand meters, and it has a fitness center, sauna and hot tub, and there is an elegant restaurant to serve international dishes.

  • Royal Breeze Resort

Located in Ras Al Khaimah, this resort features a private beach area, as well as an outdoor pool, keen to provide all amenities for guests.

  • Residence hotel

The Al Hamar Village Hotel & Residence is located along the pristine Arabian Gulf beach, and is considered the first haven for many in order to avoid all the pressures of daily life, as it has a wide choice of recreational facilities, as it has a swimming pool for adults and children, a tennis court and massage rooms?

  • Rixos Bab Al Bahr

This comprehensive resort that includes all services, and offers many offers of unlimited food and drink, among 14 different dining options, in addition to that it contains a number of daily entertainment, and Rixos Bab Al Bahr is located on a number of clean beaches on Al Marjan Island. Synthetic.

  • The Cove Rotana Resort

This resort has a traditional charm that blends with the unique Arabic culture. This resort is located on the shore of a wonderful water bay beach, and it overlooks the Arabian Gulf. This resort includes a private beach located 600 meters away, it has two restaurants and four bars. The villas in this resort have views of the lagoon or the garden in addition to that it has a private pool.

  • Marjan Island Resort & Spa

This resort is located on the first man-made artificial island in Ras Al Khaimah, within the clear waters of the Arabian Gulf, and one of the most distinguishing features of this resort is its alcohol-free, as well as the availability of luxury and tranquility, and is 45 minutes from Dubai.

  • Rains Carlton, Ras Al-Khaimah

Rains Carlton Resort, Ras Al Khaimah, the valley desert is located among the campuses of a nature reserve, and this resort is one of the unique and remote accommodations, its location, which is located at a distance of 45 minutes from the city of Dubai, and is suitable for travelers and families who want to obtain places of residence that provide calm and adventure With a desert oasis of tranquility, all of this is found in the Rinz Carlton, Ras Al Khaimah, where you will find villas with pools in this resort, and it has places to eat similar to the places that are available at international destinations, there is a hydrotherapy spa, and this resort has a number of outdoor activities That come with us B with families, can enjoy exploring the desert, Bhanb enjoy the beautiful neighboring areas, as well as indulge amid the traditional nomadic lifestyle, and Totafr many of the amenities available there.

  • Hilton Al Hamra Beach & Golf Resort

This magnificent place is located just a 2-minute walk from the beach. It is located in Ras Al-Khaimah, 500 meters from the private sandy beach. It has been awarded a five-star rating, and it has won an award. This resort includes a number of parks with wonderful natural scenery and includes Two swimming pools, and it has a number of water sports facilities, and it includes a number of recreational options, where it is possible to enjoy a number of relaxing treatments, and the resort provides a number of treatment sessions where there is massage and reflexology massage, and there is treatment by hot stones, It has a joule championship stadium Peter Hiardin.

  • DoubleTree by Hilton Resort & Spa

This resort is located on Al Marjan Island, close to the Al Hamra Island in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, it offers a private beach that is characterized by white sand and extends over a distance of 600 meters, the villas in this resort have wonderful views of the Arabian Sea, and there is also a children’s club and an outdoor playground, and there is squirt The pirate ship area has a number of water slides for the sake of the family’s fun and well-being, as this resort contains the largest Tarzan boat in the Middle East, as it is equipped with two platforms, a high-diving platform with a height of 4.3 meters and a trampoline platform, it has five Swimming pools, sports center and spa While dedicated to children, spa, sauna, Jacuzzi and hair salon, it has a relaxation lounge, café, ladies spa, and banquet hall.

The best malls in Ras Al-Khaimah

  • Al Hamra Mall

It is considered one of the most famous places in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, as it was established on an area of ​​37 thousand meters, and it includes two floors, there are a huge number of recreational and marketing activities, this is in addition to the availability of a number of restaurants, this mall helps to meet all the needs of the family than you need Among the household necessities, there is a huge supermarket in the mall that has all the special needs of shoes, perfumes, clothes, accessories, leather products, toys, electronic tools, glasses, watches, and all commodities and products, in addition to the Al Hamra Mall that contains many outlets selling some famous international brands, Wei This mall included many sites suitable for different ages, as it has dedicated areas for children and play areas for adults, and it publishes a number of theaters for international productions of animation and cinematographic films, and it has a food corner.

  • Rak Mall

It is considered one of the best malls in the city of Ras Al Khaimah, where it was opened in 2012, and this mall contains a huge number of local and international brands, it has stores for accessories, clothes, cosmetics, etc., in addition to the availability of a number of food outlets and many Cinemas.

  • Al Manar Mall

Al-Manar Mall is considered to be one of the oldest malls in Ras Al-Khaimah, and one of the most popular malls among visitors, because it has a distinctive interface on the Corniche of Ras Al-Khaimah City, where there are many green spaces and palm trees in front of it, and the mall provides many commercial, entertainment and marketing activities, this place It is very suitable for spending a whole day there with friends and family, besides it contains many stores that number more than 120 trading platforms, and stores vary between stores of perfumes, clothes, electrical appliances, shoes, electronic products and shoes, it is important You can buy souvenirs from any stores in the mall, as it includes a number of cinemas and many theaters, as well as it contains games areas for children, and it has a food corner where there are a number of western and eastern kitchens, and there are many cafes.

  • Safeer Mall

This mall is considered one of the distinctive marketing destinations, because it combines the atmosphere of traditional rural markets with modern shopping experiences, therefore a unique mix of shopping options is offered for all daily supplies and needs.

  • Al Naeem Mall

This mall consists of four floors, as it extends over a large area of ​​1.5 million feet, and it has areas designated for leasing with an area of ​​about 645 thousand feet, and this mall is classified as a medium and high category.

The best restaurants in Ras Al-Khaimah

Available in Ras Al Khaimah a large group of the best restaurants to suit all tastes, whether for lovers of traditional local dishes or lovers of Western and international food or eastern dishes, and the best restaurants in this city include:

  • Ocean Restaurant

It is one of the best restaurants in Ras Al Khaimah, as it is specialized in providing delicious seafood dishes, and this restaurant is located in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah on the Qawasim Corniche, and it has many distinguished sessions, and it is one of the most famous dishes that are served in the restaurant, which deserves to experience the shrimp dish and grilled hammour dish, This restaurant is characterized by its cleanliness and delicious dishes.

  • مطعم قيصر

يعتبر هذا المطعم واحداً من أرقى المطاعم الموجودة في رأس الخيمة، وهو مطعم هندي يتم فيه تقديم تشكيلة رائعة من أشهى الأطباق الهندية، بالإضافة لتقديم عدد من المأكولات البحرية والأطباق الصينية، ويقوم بتقديم أطباق الدجاج بمختلف أنواعها وأشكالها، ويمتاز بأطعمته الشهية.

  • مطعم بحر الإمارات

ويعتبر هذا المطعم من أفضل المطاعم في الإمارة، حيث أنه يتميز بجلساته وأجوائه التي تتناسب مع العائلات، فيتم فيه تقديم تشكلية هائلة وواسعة من الأطباق، حيث يتم فيه تقديم المأكولات البحرية بمختلف أنواعها وتقديم الأطباق الهندية، هذا بجانب تقديمه لأطباق اللحوم والمشويات، وتقديم عدد من الأطباق المحلية الإماراتية، يمتاز هذا المطعم بأطباقه ذات الجودة العالية.

  • مطعم ثندر رود

هذا المطعم المختص بتقديم الأطباق الإيطالية، حيث يقوم بتقديم اللحوم المشوية والبيتزا، بجانب تقديمه لعدد من أشهى الأطباق الشهية، ويمتاز هذا المطعم بأجوائه وجلساته الشبابية، وعلى الرغم من أن أسعاره مرتفعة بعض الشئ ألا أنه يقوم بتقديم خدمة ممتازة والأطعمة ذات جودة عالية.

  • أفضل الفنادق في رأس الخيمة

تعتبر هذه المدينة من أفضل الوجهات السياحية التي فيها يوجد مزج ما بين عبق الماضي والإشراقة الحاضرة، حيث يمكن رؤية هذا جلياً في الكثير من الأماكن الموجودة بالمدينة والتي تمتاز بتطورها وإزدهارها، ومن أكثر ما يميز إمارة رأس الخيمة هو هدوئها وتوافر عدد من أماكن الإسترخاء والإستجمام من شواطئ ومنتجعات، فضلاً عن متعة التسوق هناك، وإليكم الآن أهم الفنادق في إمارة رأس الخيمة:

  • بانيان تري الوادي

هذا الفندق الواسع الذي يقع على أرض صحراوية مشهورة برياضة الدراجات والجوالف وركوب الخيل، ويقع هذا الفندق على مسافة 26 كم من المنار مول، ويبعد عن حديثة آيس لاند مسافة 19 كم، ويعتبر هذا الفندق واحداً من أفضل الفنادق في المدينة، حيث حصل على العديد من التقييمات الرائعة من حيث الخصوصية والنظافة والهدوء.

  • فندق مالجروف من بن ماجد

ويعتبر واحداً من أفضل الفنادق حيث أنه يبعد عدة دقائق سيراً على الأقدام عن شاطئ البحر، ويقع على مسافة 5 كم من السفير مول للتسوق، كما أنه يبعد مسافة ساعة عن مطار دبي، حظى هذا الفندق على تقييمات جيدة من حيث موقعه ونظافته وإطلالته وطاقم العمل.

  • فندق والدورف أستوريا

يعتبر هذا الفندق واحداً من أرقى الفنادق في رأس الخيمة، حيث أنه يقع بعيداً عن مطار دبي مسافة 50 دقيقة، هذا الفندق يضم شاطئ خاص يمتد مقابل بحر العرب، بجانب أنه يحتوي على ملعب جولف كبير، ويقع على مقربة من متحف رأس الخيمة الوطني، نال هذا الفندق على تقييمات ممتازة من حيث طاقم العمل والإطلالة والنظافة.

  • فندق أكاسيا

هذا الفندق الذي يعتبر واحداً من أكثر فنادق رأس الخيمة تميزاً، حيث يقع قريباً من الساحل، ويقع بالقرب من المنطقة الحرة بمدينة رأس الخيمة، يوفر هذا الفندق أجنحة وغرف مريحة وواسعة.

أهم الأسواق الشعبية في مدينة رأس الخيمة

  • the old market

ويعرفه البعض بإسم السوق العتيج، ولا يزال هذا السوق صامداً أمام كافة التغيرات والتطورات التي شهدتها الإمارة، فلا تزال السوق القديم محافظة على طابعها التقليدي، وعلى الطابع العمراني والنشاط التجاري ذو النكهة القديمة الأصيلة، فلا يزال هناك موجوداً الساحة التجارية المفتوحة التي يتم فيها عرض الأدوات والمعدات والملابس التي يوجد بها عبق الماضي البعيد، والتي تجسد للتراث الشعبي الذي يمتاز به أهل هذه المنطقة، فيمكن الدخول إلى السوق من أكثر من جهة لمشاهدة البضائع العصرية وهي بجانب الأدوات البدائية التي كانوا يستخدمونها في القدم من أجل كسب لقمة العيش مثل المنيور والدلو والحابول الذي كان يستخدم لصعود النخيل، والشكنة التي كان يُنظف بها النخلة وكذلك المنفض الذي يستخدم لإنزال التمر، كما يوجد أيضا بعض أدوات الصيد البدائية مثل الجفير الذي تم صنعه من صعف النخيل والسنارة والقراقير ويوجد الصيرح وهو وعاء مخصص لنقل الأسماك، ويوجد في السوق عدد من المخلات التجارية التي تم بناؤها من الطين والحجر ومسقوفة بالأخشاب المستوردة من بعض المناطق الأفريقية، ويعتبر هذا السوق إمتداد لحضارة حلفار التي التي ترجع لقديم الزمن، ويتم في هذا السوق بيع كافة الإحتياجات اليومية والمستلزمات اليومية، ولا يزال الناس حريصون على زيارته بشكل مستمر.

  • السوق الكويتي

وهو أحد الأسواق الشعبية الإستهلاكية بمدينة رأس الخيمة، وقد نشطت حركة التجارة به منذ سبعينيات القرن الماضي، ولا يزال يقصده الكثير من الأسر التي تعيش بالمدينة من أجل شراء ما يحتاجون إليه من ذهب وأقمشة وملابس جاهزة ومستلزمات للمطبخ وكذلك لشراء الإكسسوارات وقطع الأثاث، ويبلغ عدد المحلات فيه قرابة مئتي محل، ويُعرف بهذا الإسم نسبة للمستشفى الكويتي التي قامت الحكومة الكويتية ببناؤه قديما، ويمتاز هذا السوق بأنه يرتاده الكثير من المتسوقين القادمين إليه من كافة أنحاء دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة، فضلا عن الكثيرين الوافدين إليه من مختلف الدول الخليجية المجاورة بخاصة أهالي سلطنة عمان، ويشهد هذا السوق إقبال غير مسبوق في أيام مناسبات الأعياد وفي أيام المناسبات الوطنية.


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