Taif is one of the most important tourism destinations in Saudi Arabia and is famous for its mild climate, nature and green parks. It is a resort that attracts visitors from neighboring cities and neighboring countries as well.

Best hotels in Taif

The city of Taif includes a group of the best hotels in Saudi Arabia, and we have brought you in this tab recommended Taif hotels .. Read more

The best hotel in Taif - Taif hotels

The most important places of tourism in Taif

In this article we show you the most important tourist places in Taif that are worth visiting:

Recreation Taif

The city of Taif is famous for its green parks that attract many visitors, as it is a suitable place for high picnics and a place for children to have fun. We have collected for you in this tab the best tourist places in Taif, which are gardens and parks .. Read more

Tourism in Taif

Al Hada Taif area

Al-Hada is an important tourist center, and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia, Taif is 2000 meters above sea level, a green mountainous area linked by a dual road to Makkah that runs through the Kara Mountains.

Al-Hada Al-Taif is famous for its beauty and nature throughout the year, especially in the winter season, due to the difference in its climate from the country’s general climate .. Read more

The road leading to the city of Hada in Taif - tourism in Taif

Al-Shifa Village

One of the best places in Taif is located 20 kilometers southwest of the city of Taif and is famous for its mild climate, green nature, and high mountains.

It is considered one of the important tourist places in Taif, Saudi Arabia, which is covered with juniper trees and rich orchards that produce the finest vegetables and fruits.

Visitors to the village are increasing in summer due to its mild weather, and being one of the best resorts in the area near Makkah Al-Mukarramah .. Read more

A scene from the village of Al-Shifa in Taif

Okaz Market

Okaz Market is considered one of the most important tourist places in Taif, it is located within a flat green flat area surrounded by a number of mountains and valleys.

The market and the surrounding area are characterized by a mild climate, and it receives special attention from the royal family of the country because of its past history.

The Okaz market offers material prizes in creativity contests in the arts, poetry, literature, social and human sciences, as well as crafts and handicrafts .. Read more

Okaz souk gates in Taif - tourist places in Taif

The door of packages

Among the most important features of Taif, Bab Al Hazm or Bab Al Jabal is located in the historic city of Taif, and overlooks the Al Aqeeq neighborhood, which is close to the old city wall. In the past, it was called Bab Shubra because it overlooks the famous Shubra Palace, which is close to the Bab site.

The Al-Hazm Gate is considered one of the three gates of the old Taif Wall, in addition to the Gate of Al-Rayaa and the Gate of Ibn Abbas currently located at the entrances to the central region ..

View of the door to packages in Taif - tourist places in Taif

Shubra Palace Museum

Shubra Palace is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Taif, and it was a residence for the royal family in the city before its opening as a historical museum, and it is currently enjoying wide fame within the landmarks of Taif .. Read more

A scene of the Shubra Palace Museum in Taif

Taif cable car

It is one of the distinctive landmarks of Taif, as it is considered the largest of its kind at the level of the Middle East and is located in the first ring district of the city of Taif

The cable car is used as a link between the highest peak in the tourist village of Al-Kar to the bottom of the mountain in a journey of approximately 4 kilometers … Read more

Water games near the Taif cable car, one of the most important tourist places in Taif

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